Circular Quay

Circular Quay
Sydney NSW 2000

Lighting of the sails - sydney opera hosue


During Vivid Sydney, Circular Quay is a focal point for Vivid Light and the epicentre of festival activity. Wrapped around Sydney Cove, Circular Quay is the gateway to many of the city’s attractions as well as a major transport node serviced by trains, buses and of course Sydney’s famous ferries.

From 6pm every night during the festival, the darkening skies and skyscrapers become the backdrop for City Sparkle, a symphony of light that plays across the skyline. This spectacle is orchestrated by 32 Hundred Lighting and features 62 pillars of light beaming from the tops of buildings along with 15 giant aqua beams and hundreds of ‘sparkle points’ that illuminate the arch and road deck of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The world-famous Light Walk is a vast outdoor gallery of light art that stretches three kilometres from the southern end of Sydney Harbour Bridge passed the Overseas Passenger Terminal, Cadman’s Cottage and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and then along the waterfront before tracking behind the train station to Customs House and winding back along the eastern fringe toward Sydney Opera House and into the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Then to the east of the ferry terminals, you’ll see Sydney Opera House emblazoned with Andrew Thomas Huang’s Austral Flora Ballet in the distance.

Behind Circular Quay train station on Albert Street you’ll see Customs House in a whole new light with the 3D light projection Under the Harbour by Spinifex Group splashed across its surface.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) inspires with Claudia Nicholson’s Let Me Down projection that turns the art-deco façade into an emotive animated artwork set to a moving soundtrack by Lonelyspeck.

Don’t forget to check out slime-like Goo! at Cadmans Cottage and the suspended night sky simulation Celestial Pancake and Infinity Room at the Overseas Passengers Terminal for surprising visions of yourself and others. Pose for a selfie at Beat-Loon and wander between the crystalline structures of Let It Snow at Hickson Road Reserve and look up to the southern pylon of Sydney Harbour Bridge to see Eora: Broken Spear.

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