About Vivid Sydney

Welcome to Vivid Sydney – the festival that casts light on our lives through the creativity of artists, musicians and thinkers at a time when it’s most needed. This creativity is indeed the light at the end of the tunnel, encouraging us to come out and come together, to celebrate the pure joy of a collective experience – albeit COVID-safely – and to appreciate the things we once took for granted.

The 2021 program is full of ways to discover Vivid Sydney for the first time or reconnect with this truly unique event. From the unashamedly populist to the quirkily nuanced, the program is full of surprises, selfie moments and new ways of seeing, hearing, thinking and feeling.

We are enormously grateful to those who have made Vivid Sydney 2021 possible in such challenging circumstances. To our creatives, team, partners and audience, thank you for transforming our city into a beacon for the rest of the world.

So get amongst it and enjoy. Be inspired, be curious and be proud. This is your playground of the unexpected!

Gill Minervini
Festival Director, Vivid Sydney


Vivid Music

Great content springs from the creators themselves, Vivid Music taps into the vast array of talent in Sydney – and beyond. We look for ground-breaking, emerging artistry in all styles, thus the eclectic and unorthodox nature of the program that truly represents the music scene today, while also keeping an eye on the prize of pure entertainment.

It’s fitting that these different styles and genres should be matched by equally impressive locations from the Sydney Opera House and Carriageworks to The Calyx, Bearded Tit, Club 77, Parliament House, Australian Museum, Oxford Art Factory, Luna Park, Crow Bar, National Art School, Frankie’s Pizza, MCA, Powerhouse Museum, FBi Studios and Paddo RSL.

Vivid Music is set to pique your curiosity and send you on a hunt for discovery of a new musical playground. We encourage you to explore new sonic terrain and find new favourites. Shine on!

Stephen Ferris
Curator - Vivid Music


Vivid Light

Vivid Light 2021 exemplifies resilience and wonder. This year’s program features significant immersive experiences, major kinetic works and surprising projection sites that light our unique urban spaces like never before. Artists are emerging from the pandemic-induced darkness with powerful concepts that fascinate and enchant. Some reflect on science, technology and nature. Some explore human connection and living in the here and now. Others amp up the escapism, and all resonate with optimism for the future.  

Step onto the Light Walk and be transported into a wonderland. You’ll discover 3D projection-mapped architectural icons and site-specific installations that take over our parks, streets, laneways and harbour foreshore. Even ‘walk on water’ across Cockle Bay through hundreds of gigantic glowing bubbles. 

Vivid Sydney reveals the city in all its brilliance. The 2021 Vivid Light program is an opportunity for visitors to fall in love with Sydney and for locals to reclaim our city after dark.   

Lucy Keeler
Curator - Vivid Light


Vivid Ideas

In an age threatened by group think, the rise of disinformation and conspiracy theories and a growing discomfort with dissent (think cancel culture) – we need to celebrate the mavericks and the misfits of the world more than ever. These people challenge the status quo, won’t conform to societal norms and dare to be different, outspoken and unorthodox.

Not only do we applaud those who are agents of change, those who use their platforms for good and fight the good fight – we admire those who go about their own business in their own way, and in doing so, inspire others. At Vivid Ideas, you’ll hear from Game Changers who lead the way and we shine a light on the next generation of creative and innovative brains who think outside the box and certainly don’t fit the mould. 

Let’s celebrate the quirks and kinks in humanity, stand up for each other, listen for truth, be brave and be better.

Tory Loudon
Curator - Vivid Ideas


Meet the rest of the Vivid Sydney team


Vivid Sydney 2021 will be a COVID-safe event and will be delivered in line with the latest health advice to keep everyone safe during the event. Please check back for more detailed information closer to the event.