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Creative Direction 2024

Vivid Sydney, Humanity

We need each other more than ever before. Facing an ever-changing world and times we don’t recognise, our search for meaning and purpose has taken on a new urgency. We only need to look inside ourselves to find who we are and what we are capable of. Look inside to find those things that make us human – love, kindness, compassion, creativity - humanity.

Humanity - human race, humankind, human nature.

Humanity is the key to our future, to discovering the answers that determine our way forward. To reimagining a world without boundaries, discrimination or inequality - a world full of people who work together, with kindness, empathy and creativity, with a shared tomorrow in mind.

Creativity and imagination are what makes us human. Helping us understand and respond to our world and value diversity – broadening our perspective and challenging our preconceptions. Human creativity allows us to develop technology, solve problems and produce innovative solutions.

Since time began, creativity has brought us together and we continually invent ways to express ourselves. As humans we are connected through story, art, music, food and many other means of creative expression. Throughout time we have gathered to share what our imaginations can conjure – to convey our differences and commonalities.

Creativity helps us develop strong communities, sustainable environments and intellectual freedom. It is the backbone of the human condition. Art gives us meaning, improves our quality of life and makes us feel good – it opens our minds to new ideas – for now and the future.

Without creativity, humanity cannot survive. We need to encourage it, embrace it and celebrate its inextricable link with the human race. We need to be better humans, to create a world that values our people and our planet – a world that encourages human creativity for good. A world for us all.

In 2024 Vivid Sydney celebrates humanity. Everyone is invited to the world’s most beautiful city to connect, create and participate. To come together as people for change – to share experiences and stories through light, music, ideas and food. We welcome you to be part of this unique global event that embraces creativity, innovation and technology for the greater good.

Vivid Sydney 2024 explores what makes us human and how we can make a better world, together.

Gill Minervini

Gill Minervini  
Vivid Sydney - Festival Director




Vivid Sydney Guidelines

Accessibility & Inclusion

Destination NSW is committed to reducing barriers and delivering an event that is accessible, diverse and inclusive. Our program prides itself on a diverse representation of artists, identities and communities, recognising and celebrating people’s differences through art. Applicants are encouraged to consider universal design principles in the development of all submissions, considering the elderly, parents with small children and those living with a temporary or permanent disability. You may wish to consider designing accessible features to provide sensory, tactile, auditory or visual interactivity options.


As Australia’s largest event, Vivid Sydney is actively working towards the delivery of a more sustainable festival. As a festival that champions creativity, innovation and cutting-edge applications of technology, our vision is to become industry leaders in the delivery of sustainable events of an international scale. We strongly encourage you to demonstrate how you intend to incorporate sustainable practices into each stage of the planning, design, construction, transportation, operation and decommissioning of your Expression of Interest.


Vivid Sydney is committed to showcasing the greatest ideas, talent and creative endeavours, and recognises that magic happens when a diverse group of minds and experiences intersect. Vivid Sydney provides opportunities to artists, speakers and musicians from all walks of life to connect, create and be a positive force for change in our community.

Partnership Opportunities

This Expression of Interest is not applicable for industry or corporate hospitality events, brand activations or product launches. Please contact the Vivid Sydney team if you would like to discuss opportunities to align your brand with the festival.



What does it cost to apply?

There is no fee to apply to Vivid Sydney. Any/all costs incurred in the preparation of the application are borne by the applicant.

When are applications due?

Applications for Light Installations and Projection Art must be submitted online via the application form by 5.00pm Monday, 4 September 2023.

Applications for Music, Ideas and Food must be submitted online via the application form by 5.00pm Monday 18 September 2023.

How do I submit my application?

Applications must be submitted via the online application form. No applications will be accepted via email or hardcopy.

I am having trouble accessing the application form.

Please contact us for further assistance. Destination NSW takes no responsibility for access or connection issues.

Can I have a sponsor?

Applicants may propose a sponsor as part of their application. Any sponsor will need to be approved in advance by Destination NSW in writing. Approved sponsors are recognised in the following way:

  • Name or logo on website
  • Name or logo on signage at Light Installation or event
  • Destination NSW reserves the right to grant exclusive sponsorships for Installations and events
Do I need insurance?

Applicants will be required to take out and maintain, on its behalf, a minimum of AUD (Australian Dollars) $20 million public liability insurance cover. Where applicants do not already have or are not legally required to have this insurance, Destination NSW may provide the opportunity to opt-in to a group insurance policy facilitated by Destination NSW. Group insurance policies may be offered for the following products only:

  • Group Public Liability Insurance
  • Group Accident Insurance
I am an international applicant with public liability insurance in my home country, is this valid in Australia?

Applicants must ensure that all public or product liability purchased internationally is valid worldwide, preferably with the interests of Destination NSW noted.

I am an interstate / international applicant. Who covers the cost of my travel, accommodation, and meals while I am in Sydney for the event?

Applicants must ensure that any personal costs associated with their application are included in their proposed artist fee.

What happens next if my application is successful?

Applicants will be required to enter into an agreement with Destination NSW outlining the requirements and responsibilities of both parties during the term. Agreements will be issued towards the end of October 2023 and will be required to be signed and returned by the start of November 2023.

Destination NSW will continue to work with you over the seven-month period to delivery through studio visits and/or other reporting requirements.

Applicants will agree that they will not announce their participation in Vivid Sydney 2024 until the media launch which typically occurs in mid-March.

Timings are subject to change without notice.

Where can I find the latest information regarding Vivid Sydney?

For updates and important information on Vivid Sydney we recommend signing up to MyVivid.

We recommend monitoring and Vivid Sydney social media channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for any information or announcements.

What are the budget expectations?

Vivid Sydney does not provide a budget guideline for submissions. There is no maximum budget for any installation, nor is there an average cost per installation. The cost of your installation should be justifiable, and selection will be based on creative merit, technical feasibility, installation cost and sustainable practise within the design.

If the artform is a multi-discipline work, is it advisable to apply for light and music?

Please submit your application under the Cross-Art Expression of Interest.

How many entries per individual is allowed?

There is no limit to the number of entries allowed per individual, however only put forward your strongest submissions, focusing on quality rather than quantity.