Vivid Sydney’s Ideas Curator Tory Loudon discusses the incredible line up for the ideas program in 2022. With over eighty events – this is just a handful of highlights. Tory Loudon, Vivid Ideas curator “This year you can experience ideas in multiple different ways and ignite all your senses! You can participate in workshops or immerse yourself in a performance. You can also listen to our brilliant speakers but then try things out for yourself in hands-on experiences.” - Tory Loudon
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Vivid Sydney’s new Music Curator Joe Muller shares what he’s most excited about across the groundbreaking Vivid Music program in 2022
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This year’s Vivid Sydney breaks a lot of new ground. For the first time in the festival’s history, the lights, music and ideas are all centred around a theme – The Soul of Our City.
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Gill Minervini, Vivid Sydney Festival Director and Light Curator “In 2022, Vivid Sydney dives deep into the essence of Sydney’s soul, exploring what defines the character of great cities. What makes them tick, what makes them unique, what it is that makes us love them and, what makes them powerful catalysts for change? This year I’m really excited about shining a light on some of our city’s lesser-known spaces, along with our icons, delivering bold, inclusive and innovative creative experiences.”  
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Creating a kaleidoscope of colour on Sydney’s iconic places and secret spaces, this year’s Vivid Sydney light installations will enliven the soul of the city from 27 May to 18 June. This year’s 8km Light Walk is the longest in the festival’s history, stretching from Sydney Opera House to Central Station. Here are four mesmerising art works to get you excited about what’s to come.  
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The countdown is on for Vivid Sydney — find out about the festival’s direction for this year and the new locations on the Light Walk. The excitement is building for the return of Vivid Sydney to our city — just 100 days to go. From 27 May to 18 June, the streets will come alive with mesmerising art displays and 3D light projections, exhilarating live music performances, thought-provoking debates and deep-dive discussions from some of the world’s brightest minds.
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It’s been over two years since light's on, and in that time, we’ve been working on how to make the best things about Vivid Sydney even better for its 12th year. We spoke to festival director Gill Minervini about her new creative direction, what goes on behind the scenes and how Vivid Sydney will light up more of the city in 2022. Q: Next year Vivid Sydney's creative direction will focus on “the soul of Sydney”. Can you tell me how this theme came about?
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It takes more than lock-out laws to stop the swell of live music flooding the city. During Vivid Sydney, X|Celerate supercharges an eclectic mix of 23 inner-city venues and sees them serve up the tastiest tunes and most experimental sounds around. Who’ll be your biggest discovery this year? Which will be your new favourite haunt?
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With dozens of light installations, live music performances, thought provoking panel discussions, conferences and masterclasses, Vivid Sydney is the perfect time to seek out inspiration in Sydney. Check out these 10 design and creativity events taking place in and around the city from 25 May to 14 June.
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Vivid Sydney is brightening up your winter nights and setting your Instagram feed alight. Vivid Sydney is certainly impressive in person whether you’re visiting from nearby or afar. It’s also one of the most snap worthy events of the year. From a 16m tall mega-bot to a shimmering field of fireflies, here are ten light installations that will have your friends and followers ooh-ing and ahh-ing, wishing they were doing Vivid Sydney with you.
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