Drone Safety at Vivid Sydney: What You Need to Know

Submitted by Vivid Sydney

13 May 2024
Vivid Sydney Drone Show

Drone owners are reminded to leave their drones at home to ensure they’re not accidentally using them in an unauthorised way or impacting the safety and enjoyment of other attendees.

Strict Drone Safety Regulations

Drone safety is a top priority during Vivid Sydney, which runs from 24 May to 15 June 2024. There will be strict enforcement of drone safety regulations throughout the festival to prevent accidents and ensure public safety.

The No Drone Zones

Sydney’s skyline, particularly around the Harbour and North Sydney, is not a playground for drones. Areas such as McMahons Point, Kirribilli, Kurraba Point, Cremorne Point, and Curraghbeena Point are designated as no drone zones. This restriction is crucial due to the regular low-altitude flights of helicopters and seaplanes across these regions.

Legal Implications and Penalties 

It's important for drone enthusiasts to understand that flying a drone in restricted areas during Vivid Sydney without prior authorisation is illegal. Offenders not only risk hefty fines—up to $1,565 per offence—but also pose a significant safety hazard to other aircraft and spectators. Only those holding a remote pilot licence and operating under a certified operator are allowed to fly drones, and only with documented procedures and nighttime flying approvals.

Leave Your Drone at Home

For the casual drone operator, the message from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), New South Wales Police, and Destination NSW is clear: leave your drone at home. The allure of capturing the festival’s stunning visuals from above is overshadowed by the potential risks and legal consequences. Night-time and restricted airspace flying is off-limits for recreational drone users and those with operator accreditation.

Enforcement and Monitoring

To enforce these regulations, the New South Wales Police will deploy drone monitoring and detection technology throughout the festival. Their aim is to ensure there are no unauthorised flights and make sure there’s compliance with national safety laws.

Stay Informed and Safe

For those looking to learn more about drone operations during Vivid Sydney, CASA provides extensive resources, including a free CASA-verified drone safety app available through the Know Your Drone website. This platform is essential for all drone operators to understand the specific regulations and safety practices required for flying in restricted zones.

For additional details and frequently asked questions about drone use during Vivid Sydney, please visit the CASA Drone Safety Rules page.

Stay safe and enjoy Vivid Sydney from the ground – where the view is just as spectacular!




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