Darling Harbour

Vivid Sydney at Darling Harbour runs from 6pm–11pm.

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Magicians of the Mist 
12 massive pumps throw 28 tonnes of water into the air every minute; huge projections shine on walls of water 60 metres wide and 40 metres high. Lasers, fountains, jets of flame, music, fireworks, fireballs, LEDs and searchlights are all controlled through a computer interface in the hands of a master fountaineer and laser artist. Magicians of the Mist shows are every half hour from 6pm – 11pm every night, with fireworks at 7pm and 8.30pm on Friday and Saturday.

Inspired by the Sea at the Australian National Maritime Museum 
Projected on the iconic rooftop of the Australian National Maritime Museum, the gigantic wave-form of the museum roof in Darling Harbour is the canvas for Inspired by the Sea.

Tumbalong Lights
Tumbalong Lights plays with the beauty of open space, light and the night sky. An exhibit of 32 dazzling beams of light moving through the night sky creating patterns as you walk between the raised lights. Nestled within the vast Tumabalong Green space at Darling Harbour, it sits in open space, reaching to the stars.

Huawei Hub 
Located beside Tumbalong Lights you will find the Huawei Hub where you can immerse yourself in the interactive experiences of sound, light and art. Check out the animated faces on the new Huawei P10 phone and have your own GIF taken as a souvenir or to share with friends.

Light Playground at Darling Quarter
The light playground at Darling Quarter will feature three family friendly activations on the Village Green North.

Giant Light Bright is like an over-sized black pegboard, backlit by a cool LED light source — its sheer size will instantly inspire creativity in kids and adults alike. With a bundle of colourful translucent acrylic pegs at their disposal, visitors can create an unlimited combination of patterns and colour ways.

Glow in the Dark Illumination showcases the glow of black light luminescence. Using items such as Post-It Notes, neon sticker dots and highlighter markers, families can make artworks that may seem ordinary in the daylight, but will amaze and delight under the special black lights and photo luminescent vinyl inside the container.

Light Bubble Forest
A mesmerising and hands-on experience for all ages and abilities as thousands of illuminated bubbles flow upward, changing colour as they ascend.

Shepard Fairey Public Art Exhibition at Darling Quarter
Shepard Fairey will exhibit a selection of his music themed works that showcase his revolutionary visual language and passion for the culture of music. Open every day of the festival, entry is FREE. For other Shepard Fairey events visit:


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