Terms and Conditions

Successful applicants are required to enter into an agreement with Destination NSW. The Applicant must be a registered business and hold an ABN, ACN or international equivalent. The agreement will include, but is not limited to the items detailed in the tabs below. General terms and conditions apply to all applicants, the Light, Music and Ideas tabs apply to applicants applying for those specific pillars.



Submitting an application does not automatically grant the applicant acceptance into the Vivid Sydney program.

Any/all costs incurred in preparing an application are to be borne by the applicant.

Installations, activations, events and related activities, artwork, content, concepts, collateral and specifications must be approved by Destination NSW in writing before commencement of production and must comply with the Vivid Sydney brand guidelines i.e. incorporating Vivid Sydney brand colours and visual identities.

All events, related activities, content, collateral, concepts and specifications must not bring the NSW Government and Destination NSW into disrepute, must be of family friendly nature, must not incite violence, must not contain nudity, must maintain the creative integrity of Vivid Sydney and be for general exhibition i.e. suitable for viewing by children without parental supervision.

Any content, footage, information, biographies and photos provided or produced by you in connection with Vivid Sydney will be used by Destination NSW, Vivid Sydney sponsors, Vivid Sydney contractors and tourism third-parties for marketing and promotional use.

You also grant the right for Destination NSW, Vivid Sydney sponsors, Vivid Sydney contractors and tourism third-parties to edit any content, footage, information, biographies and photos, without further approval, for marketing and promotional use in line with the below use terms.

The Applicant acknowledges and agrees to allow Destination NSW, Vivid Sydney sponsors, Vivid Sydney contractors, media, commercial photography and film companies, and tourism third-parties, to film and photograph their Event, content, installation and use any images and footage without the need for credit and/or further approval. Use is given on the following basis — royalty-free, for distribution and communication worldwide, free of charge, in any media whether now known or later devised and in perpetuity. Such uses may include books, merchandise and films from which revenue and profit may be derived.

By submitting an application you consent to, and grant permission for, Destination NSW to share your application with third-parties for the purposes of review and assessment. By submitting an application you consent to this disclosure.

This document remains subject to change at the sole-discretion of Destination NSW, including but not limited to locations, dates and times. Any changes or updates to these Terms & Conditions will be published on the Vivid Sydney website.

Acceptance of all applications are subject to the approval of all relevant development applications and landowner approvals and permits. The Applicant acknowledges that development applications are ultimately determined by the respective land owners and not Destination NSW.


Destination NSW is committed to maintaining your privacy. Keeping your data safe and increasing accountability and transparency are important principles to us. To read our Privacy Policy – please visit vividsydney.com/privacy. You can opt out at any time.

Terms of Use

The functionality on this website, mobile website and application (Website) is provided by Destination NSW (ABN 52 890 768 976) of Level 2, 88 Cumberland Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000 (Destination NSW). To read our Terms of Use Policy – please visit vividsydney.com/terms-use


If your application is approved, the organisation which is contracted to deliver the installation/activation must take out and maintain, on its own behalf, a minimum of AUD$20 million public and product liability insurance cover with a reputable insurance company for the period of the contract. You will be required to provide confirmation of such cover to Destination NSW upon signing the contract.

Where the contracting entity does not already hold or is not legally required to hold the required insurances detailed above, Destination NSW will provide the opportunity for the contracting entity to opt-in to a group insurance policy facilitated by Destination NSW. Group insurance policies may be offered for the following insurance products only:

  • Group Public and Product Liability Insurance
  • Group Accident Insurance

Public Communications

An Applicant or contributor to the event (speakers or sponsors) must not engage in any media or public communications or publicity related to Vivid Sydney or their installation, activation or event, regardless of their application outcome, without the prior written consent of Vivid Sydney and Destination NSW. The Applicant must act in good faith and upon reasonable notice with respect to any promotion and publicity that Destination NSW or its PR/Media Agencies undertakes in connection with the Project Proposal as part of Vivid Sydney 2021 free of charge.

The Applicant must not release or promote their involvement in Vivid Sydney until the Official Media Launch managed by Destination NSW is complete (approximately March 2021). The Applicant agrees to work with Destination NSW and/or its PR/Media agencies with regard to promotion and publicity opportunities. All media releases must be approved in writing by Destination NSW before release.

Intellectual Property

The artist will own all intellectual property of any designs/works they have commissioned for Vivid Sydney. If any commissioned and/or premiering designs/works, are later exhibited at another event or festival, the artist will ensure that acknowledgment is given to the design/work being originally commissioned for Vivid Sydney 2021 by Destination NSW.


All applicants are responsible for the following:

  • Safety of their installation
  • Obligation to ‘make good’ any installation faults throughout the event
  • Abiding by any directions given by Destination NSW or its nominated third party with regard to safety

Marketing and Public Relations

All applicants are required to provide, and update, the following content when requested:

  • ARTIST/S BIOGRAPHY - A 150 word full biography on each artist involved in the activation. This should include key information such as recent works, awards and where they are from.
  • ARTWORK INSTALLATION DESCRIPTION - A 350 and 150 word description of your installation/activation
  • A MINIMUM OF 3 HIGH-RESOLUTION RENDERS OF YOUR INSTALLATION/ACTIVATION - These images must be suitable for the Vivid Sydney website and must be delivered in the requested file format, size and resolution. Once your installation location is confirmed we will also require photorealistic renders of the installation in-situ
  • HIGH-RESOLUTION PHOTOGRAPH OF ALL ARTISTS INVOLVED IN THE CREATION OF YOUR INSTALLATION/ACTIVATION - These images must be delivered in the requested file format, size and resolution for PR and media use

All marketing material must be approved in writing by Destination NSW before release or publishing.

Information, Data and Research

The use of any data collection technology (including cookies) as part of an installation must be pre-approved by Destination NSW and must satisfy the requirements of any legislation and guidelines that govern the collection and use of such information. A copy of any data, primary or secondary research or other information collected at an installation must be provided to Destination NSW within seven (7) days after the conclusion of the event. The Artist must ensure that consent has been received by any individual participating.