The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Mrs Macquaries Rd, Sydney NSW 2000

Partying parrots, giant electric flowers and an illuminated forest of spiralling trees lead you into a world of fantasy during Vivid Sydney at the Royal Botanic Garden.

Pass through the QEII gates of the Garden and follow a pathway that weaves through an exciting nocturnal environment, revealing wonders created by artists and inspired by nature.

First, wander through the Nautilus Forest dodging strange spiral-like creations that might be trees, but could just as easily be corals or some curious form of animal life. This forest feels alive, rippling and pulsing with colour. On the other side of the forest is The Bloom, a giant, electric, metallic flower, its petals adorned with mirrors that refract and reflect light. It’s so big you can walk right in and pose for a photo at the centre of the flower, where you’ll be framed by petals of light. After your photo, get ready to ride the waves with He’e nalu, an ode to surfing that allows even non-surfers to experience the joyous sensation of riding a wave.

As you progress through the installation, a wave tunnel appears to open up before you; sometimes the wave rolls towards you, at others, it rolls away. Which takes us to Nacre, a breath-taking natural/non-natural Sea Shell agglomeration, and creation’s most perfect marriage of natural aerodynamic shapes will guide you to Parrot Party, a musical/spatial mystery installation. This cheerful bird flock, inspired by the New Zealand Kea parrot and the Australian rainbow lorikeet, becomes excited when people gather, breaking into song and radiating colourful light.

Farewell the party and move to the colourful, turreted façade of Government House Sydney, which TAFE NSW students have transformed with their own brand of brilliance. Finally, explore Aqueous an interactive meandering pathway of light and one of the first pattern based physical sculptures of size and scale that creates a landscape of light. This is just a taste of the exotic, the beautiful, the intriguing and the downright strange works of light that will lure you through the Garden. As you meander past the last of the colour, light and movement to find yourself out on Macquarie Street, you may ask yourself, “What just happened?”.

Where: Enter the Garden via the QEII Gates adjacent to the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House.
Time: 6 –11pm