Vivid Ideas hosts thought-provoking talks and deep-dive discussions with some of the world’s sharpest minds and future shapers. Play with new ways of thinking. Be curious about what’s ‘next’ and radically challenge your perspective. In 2021 – we celebrate the mavericks and the misfits of the world – people who refuse to conform, who challenge the status quo and drive real change.

body positivity advocate, actor and writer Jameela Jamil

Game Changers - Mavericks & Misfits

Game Changers are the Mavericks and Misfits of the world.

New Horizon Talk Series

New Horizons Talk Series

Chart micro movements and mega trends in New Horizons.

Future of Sex

Unexpected & Unorthodox

Unexpected and Unorthodox: Museums Up Late.

Vivid Ideas Exchange

Vivid Ideas Exchange

Creative industries join forces at Vivid Ideas Exchange.