Vivid Sydney proactively works toward sustainable event delivery in a number of areas. As an event that champions creativity, innovation and cutting-edge applications of technology, our vision is to become industry leaders in the delivery of sustainable events on an international scale, be inclusive and accessible to all, whilst delivering a world class event experience.

Vivid Sydney acknowledges the importance of working collaboratively to embed sustainable practices across the supply chain and to encourage and seek out excellence by fostering Vivid Sydney’s stakeholders, precincts, contractors, artists and event owners to bring the importance of sustainable growth performance to their attention.

Vivid Sydney’s sustainability focus areas and initiatives include the following.



Energy usage for the Vivid Sydney 2022 Light Walk installations and operational technology is calculated by energy metre reads conducted by our Supporting Partner Transgrid. A breakdown of the event’s energy use enables Vivid Sydney to offset its carbon emissions with the purchase of accredited carbon offset credits.

Vivid Sydney powers all grid-connected lighting installations with 100% Green-Power accredited renewable energy, through the purchase of Large Generation Certificates from certified NSW generators.



Effective and considered waste management systems are facilitated within supply, stakeholder and operational chains.

Surplus food for any large Vivid Sydney event catering is donated to food collection charities to help promote zero waste.

Many light installations in the Vivid Light Walk have a life after Vivid Sydney – they may be toured elsewhere by the artist or are permanently displayed in museums or universities, rather than going to waste.



Vivid Sydney is making a significant move towards being a paperless event, by eliminating the printing and distribution of program guides, maps, flyers and information cards at the event. All key information is presented digitally via our website or digital information kiosks on the footprint.

The Vivid Sydney Operations team has actively replaced physical signage at the event with increased electronic alternatives, such as Video Messaging Boards and Digital Information Kiosks, allowing a significant reduction in non-sustainable signage materials such as scrim and corflute.

Where corflute signage is required, Vivid Sydney has made all efforts to make the signs generic so that they can be used for multiple years, instead of single use.

The Vivid Sydney Local Business Program has introduced the use of LED Screens for shopfront installations, reducing the amount of printed materials such as posters, window decals, flyers and plastic assets.

Vivid Sydney minimises single-use plastics by implementing several Sydney Water drinking stations on the footprint and providing recycled and recyclable Vivid Sydney water bottles for Volunteers and Staff to use when on site.

A recycling program and preference for eco-friendly fencing and scrim options has been introduced for the Vivid Sydney labour crew, significantly reducing the amount of cable ties and gaffer tape used during bump in and bump out of the event.

Crowd control measures have a sustainable focus; using plants and hedging as barriers where possible.

Electronic ticketing systems and management solutions are used for Vivid Ideas and Vivid Music events.



All directly procured Vivid Sydney flights and accommodation for front-line artists across Vivid Music and Ideas, are offset through the purchase of accredited carbon offset credits from certified NSW based projects.

Vivid Sydney strongly promotes the use of public transport as a means of travelling to and from the event. Detailed information and maps for public transport options are advertised on the Vivid Sydney website and communication channels.



6 Star WELS Certified water efficient vacuum toilet facilities are installed along the Light Walk for the duration of Vivid Sydney. These save a considerable amount of water by using only 0.5 - 1 litre of water per flush as opposed to a standard system that uses 12 litres of water per flush.

The number of water-filled barriers used on the Light Walk has been reduced, and water will be reused to minimise water wastage.



Vivid Sydney is committed to delivering an event that is accessible and inclusive to everyone and has developed a dedicated Access & Inclusion Program. Accessible facilities and services include: accessible viewing areas, accessible toilets and changing places facilities, accessible ramps, drop off and pick up, pre-booked minibus accessible parking, an official Accessibility Map, audio-described Light Walk, text-to-talk website functionality, accessible interactive light installations and Vivid Music and Ideas events, Auslan interpretation for key speaker events, and much more.

Vivid Sydney wouldn’t be possible without our amazing team of volunteers. Each year, hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds come together to experience and participate in the Vivid Sydney Volunteer Program. Volunteers play an integral role in providing customer service and directional information, assisting in the management of installations, and ensuring the public has a safe and enjoyable time.



Transgrid is delighted to partner with Destination NSW as a Supporting Partner of Vivid Sydney 2022. As the electricity transmission provider for NSW and the ACT, Transgrid supplies a breakdown of the event’s energy usage, enabling the Vivid Sydney team to develop ongoing strategies to manage its carbon footprint.

Sydney Water supplies world-class drinking water and is committed to protecting and caring for our waterways and the community. They provide vital water, wastewater, recycled water and stormwater services to more than five million people in Greater Sydney, the Illawarra and Blue Mountains. Sydney Water have a vision to create a better, more sustainable life, with cooler and greener cities and you can play a part. Refill your water bottle at one of the ten Sydney Water installed water stations on the Vivid Sydney Light Walk. By refilling your bottle, you will reduce the impact on the environment and help you be a conscious water consumer. 

The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) is the charity partner for Vivid Sydney 2022. Australia’s first literacy and numeracy charity, ALNF is dedicated to raising language and literacy standards in some of our nation's most disadvantaged communities, with a particular focus on Indigenous, refugee and marginalised Australians. Through their award-winning and community-led literacy programs, ALNF empower individuals to be their own change-makers and break the cycle of illiteracy and disadvantage. ALNF believes that literacy is freedom - literacy allows individuals to access education, participate meaningfully in our society and to have a voice. It is a basic human right.