Masterclass - Shines a Light


Before "schools" of music there was just music...and the people that played, loved, celebrated and shared it.

Masterclass Shines a Light on the people of creativity, passion and dedication that expanded the musical landscapes and promoted the sense of inclusion and community wherever and whenever they played. 

Happily part of the Vivid celebrations of all things bright, Masterclass, brings a special installment of their joyous shenanigans with the purpose of continuing that legacy.

Masterclass has gathered a line-up of these gardeners of funky delights....respected and far ranging DJs, MCs & special that this third celebration, in partnership with the good people at Vivid, promises to continue the fun, musical explorations, joy and sweaty goodwill on a rooftop with more stars on the dancefloor than there are in the heavens.

The line-up includes:

Kate Monroe, Miss Annie, Simon Caldwell, Normski (NZ), Frenzie, Coolhand Luke, Stephen Ferris, Graham Mandroules, Robin Knight, Jay Reddy, Tony Tone & Dj a couple of surprises. 

All masterful proponents of their craft and in keeping with the sense of community, all proceeds will go to help some that have stumbled along the way.

Come along, be dazzled, celebrate and have fun.


School's out!

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Cnr Moore Park Rd & Anzac Parade, Paddington, Sydney NSW 2021