Jeff Lang says;“A few years back I was touring in Europe and this guy would show up at various concerts. He was always full of energy, asking a lot...

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Jeff Lang @ Camelot Lounge

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Jeff Lang says;

“A few years back I was touring in Europe and this guy would show up at various concerts. He was always full of energy, asking a lot of insightful questions about specific songs, even showing up a couple of times bearing gifts of recorded music - a Big Bill Broonzy LP, an album with Blind Willie Johnson on one side and an interview with his widow on the other, the first Sweeney's Men album. Always on vinyl, always the good stuff. A music fan.

Turns out he was secretly planning on entering the waters of the record business and he's started up a vinyl record company called Redhair Records. I'm flattered that for his first foray he wanted to press an LP of rarities from my career thus far. I had a trawl through the collection and turned up some good stuff - a couple of live songs at the late, lamented Continental in Melbourne from the weekend after recording the Everything Is Still album; a previously forgotten song co-written with Tim Hall and recorded at the sessions for my first album Ravenswood in 1994; an alternate take of a stomping rock 'n' roll song from the sessions for Carried In Mind; a live version of Some Memories Never Die which rises and falls like the tide recorded in Sydney in 2006.

I'm doing a run of solo shows to get this LP out there into folks hands, hope to see you there.”

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"In a world where music is diluted by money and plasticine, give thanks that Jeff Lang is out there... He paints pictures in sound.” Beat Magazine

Australian-based musician Jeff Lang has earned worldwide acclaim as a virtuosic guitarist, a dynamic songwriter and a startlingly unique live performer. With a back catalogue of 15 studio albums, Jeff has been featured at major festivals, pubs, clubs, arts centres and venues internationally for the past decade. Blending rock, roots, folk, blues, ballads, instrumentals, improvisation and a devastatingly high level of musicality, Jeff Lang is a singularly unique performer in our world.

Over the years, Lang has built up a devoted, almost cult-like following with his live performances. Working without a set list and allowing the unique energy of each night to shape the songs, Lang’s live shows have become much talked about, always taking the audience along for the ride, has seen word of mouth bloom into a successful career.

It’s been widely acknowledged that Jeff Lang is an extraordinarily individual musician. What enhances his unique nature is his steadfast adherence to a prolific and diverse musical palette and output. A songwriter, a collaborator, a guitar virtuoso and a stunning lyricist, Jeff Lang crafts songs as novellas - rich with depth and vision, yet with an open breathe for individual interpretation.