Under Foot

Under Foot
27 May - 18 Jun 2016 18:00 - 23:00
Walsh Bay

Artists: Indermühle + Indermühle (Aly Indermühle (Australia) / Balthasar Indermühle (Australia))

Under Foot celebrates the blending of light that occurs when the warm, rich tones of an Australian sunset interact with the colours and textures of the sandstone supports of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The resulting artwork highlights the everyday foundations of Sydney’s landmarks and the materials from which the city is built.

The installation lies on the boundary between light sculpture and facade illumination; it explores complex interactions between the viewer, light and the surrounding space and brings new emphasis to this part of the bridge’s structure and its location on the meandering Hickson Road drive way. This scenic road and its paved footpath hug the harbour foreshore, yet are often overlooked by visitors.

With their keen sense of atmosphere, the Indermühles have created a work that takes an everyday illumination point and elevates it to light art.


Country represented by installation: Australia