The School of Life presents Emotional Intelligence From The Dark Side

31 May 2017
18:30 - 20:00
Dendy Opera Quays 9/2 East Circular Quay Sydney NSW 2000

Emotional intelligence can come from unforeseen places. Often, the people who you least expect to be your teachers can end up teaching you the most. In January of 2012, Kyra Maya Phillips embarked on a four year long exploration of the dark side of creativity and ingenuity, interviewing people from all walks of life including gangsters, hackers, drug smugglers, camel milk farmers, con artists, pirates, copycats, about how they live and work. The findings were published in her book, The Misfit Economy.

Initially and primarily interested in how these individuals built, grew and sustained their business ventures: how a Somali pirate hijacked a ship, how a drug dealer secured corners, how a con artist picked his target, how a gangster built a sustaining brand, as research progressed, Kyra realised that the insights gained extended far beyond lessons in business. Often Kyra found herself hearing meditations on the fundamental questions of life: how do you think about death? How do you handle failure? How do you navigate uncertainty? How do you build and maintain healthy relationships? Ultimately: how do you live?

From ex-prisoners, Kyra discovered the tremendous benefits of sitting still and carving out time to be alone. From 18th century pirates, she learned the power of infusing meaning, mission and narrative into our actions. Amish camel milk farmers, with their luddite life-styles, taught how to counter-act the unrelenting digital pace of our lives. And from an ex drug smuggler turned master computer programmer, she learned of the virtues of welcoming ambiguity and living in mystery.

An event presented by The School of Life, Kyra will share stories from the dark side which will illuminate valuable lessons in emotional intelligence, and which will serve as testament to the idea that all of us - no matter where we come from or what we do - are trying to make sense of the human experience and live an enriching, fulfilling life.

Presented by The School of Life.



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