The current catch cry in all levels of government and organisations is 'innovation'. As the word ‘innovation’ has taken attention away...

Mistakability: How We Can Promote a Culture of Innovation


Academy Xi
2010 NSW

Mistakability and Promoting a Culture of Innovation

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The current catch cry in all levels of government and organisations is 'innovation'. As the word ‘innovation’ has taken attention away from ‘disruption’ and ‘authenticity’, we now have the opportunity to bring these concepts together to redefine and embrace the concept of true innovation.

So how do we promote innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship in a culture that is focused on ‘getting it right’ the first time and is afraid of failure?

The fear of failure has crept into our education system and whilst claiming to promote creativity and innovation, the reality is that students and teachers alike are afraid of failing or making mistakes. 

As such, the curriculum is boring. It rewards rote learning and we produce environments that lack the very innovation we aim to promote.

Likewise, the promotion process across the private and public sectors focuses on successful outcomes and our media emphasis on ‘winners’ rather than the journey of mistakes, errors and even failure that got us there.

This workshop brings together a cross-section of industry and leading innovative educators to challenge us to reflect on how we 'learn from our mistakes’ - or mistakability - in our everyday culture. Learning to fail fast and building a sense of celebration of our failures is part of this process.

For only when students and employees are rewarded for ‘failing’ can they really learn to take risks and innovate.

This will be hands on design workshop with representatives from Academy Xi and Western Sydney University that will require participants to plan, develop, make mistakes and learn from the process.

It will be an ideal day for educators, tech people, corporates (HR), entrepreneurs and those who connected with those that educate, disrupt and accelerate.

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