2018: Spotlight On Vivid Sydney Precinct: Barangaroo

2018: Spotlight On Vivid Sydney Precinct: Barangaroo

07 May 2018

Submitted by Vivid Sydney

Now in its second year as a Vivid Sydney precinct and only minutes from King Street Wharf and Wynyard Walk, Barangaroo is the place to be.

With amazing harbour views and stunning light sculptures, the streets of Barangaroo are perfect for taking in the sights of Vivid Sydney 2018 over a delicious meal. Read on to find out about the Vivid Sydney highlights at Barangaroo and its surrounds, and start planning your Vivid Sydney 2018 adventure.


See The Giant Luminescent Puppet

Barangaroo will offer a great welcome to the innovative precinct with its giant light display - a luminescent puppet by Erth Visual & Physical Inc., Jacon Nash and Mandylights Australia. Audiences will be stunned by its breathtaking size. Operated by a team of performers, the puppet will venture along the waterfront in a highly theatrical display of sound and light.


Closer - Vivid Light - Vivid Sydney 2018

Visit the Closer installation by Lawrence Liang and Anson Li and be amazed by the art piece, which has been constructed as a series of 30 interconnected translucent cubes. Visitors enter and discover that the interior is a maze, where silhouettes are seen through walls, and each visitor finds their way to an inner sanctum, capped with a square pyramid lined with mirrors. Visitors will see reflections of themselves, and other event goers in the mirror walls - a compelling comment on human connection and social interaction in the digital age.

25 May - 16 Jun, 6pm-11pm

Stop by some light installations in the City And Surrounds

You’ll find that getting to and from Barangaroo is easy by foot, cycling or using public transport from the city centre. So be sure to check out some amazing light installations in the city and surrounds along the way.

How Will You Live Your Hundred Year Life?

Be intrigued by the ‘How Will You Live Your Hundred Year Life?’ discussion hosted at Lendlease’s award-winning global headquarters at Barangaroo. The event will delve into the question on how our potentially elongated lifespans will redefine how we live and work. Industry experts will explore the impacts on emerging lifestyle trends on individual health, how families and work teams evolve over time, what organisations will do to stay successful, and what it means for city creation. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind discussion that will broaden your way of thinking about your lifespan.

Buy tickets here.
31 May, 9am-10:15am


Skylark - Vivid Light - Vivid Sydney 2018

You won’t miss Skylark - a vast play of light stretching from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Circular Quay to the outer areas of Sydney Harbour. Created by Iain Reed of 32 Hundred Lighting, Skylark incorporates interactive lighting of the bridge and Circular Quay skyscrapers, and this year, in a first for Vivid Sydney, Skylark will incorporate a new, fully interactive custom-build laser twice as powerful as any used before in Australia. This luminous web linking many iconic locations will offer an unmatched spectacle that can be enjoyed from multiple vantage points.

25 May - 16 Jun, 6pm-11pm

Explore Barangaroo South

Barangaroo South is an excellent vantage point for snapping some amazing shots of Vivid Sydney 2018. Barangaroo South is also a great spot to catch a glimpse of Harbour Lights, a stunning display of vessels and cruise ships moving through the water in a tranquil, synchronise light display. This precinct is also a fabulous stop for cafes, restaurants and cultural venues, and is an easy walk to Wynyard and the city centre.


Explore Barangaroo, find more exciting precincts and discover more this year at Vivid Sydney 2018. Sign up to My Vivid and download the app on iOS and Android now to start planning your Vivid Sydney itinerary today.


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