Spotlight on Precinct: Barangaroo (South)

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Sydney’s new foodie paradise, the Streets of Barangaroo, will be joining this year’s Vivid Sydney program with its own spectacular light displays. With awesome harbour views and stunning light sculptures, the Streets of Barangaroo are perfect for taking in the sights of Vivid Sydney over a delicious meal. Follow the string of light installations dotted around the laneways of Barangaroo (South) and immerse yourself in Vivid Sydney’s newest precinct.

Read on to find out about the new installations at Barangaroo (South) and start planning your Vivid Sydney 2017 adventure.

A Day in the Light

European artistic collective Danny Rose will turn you into part of the artwork with A Day in the Light. This immersive light show combines light and sound to recreate the phases of light over the course of a regular day. Danny Rose specialises in creating massive audiovisual shows and interactive 3D mapping in urban areas. A Day in the Light promises to be an immersive experience, making crowds ‘feel’ sounds that relate to different shades of light. A Day in the Light will be on every evening during the Vivid Sydney festival.

Free event, for more info click here.

26 May - 17 June, 6pm - 11pm


Trapdoor is a mind-bending optical illusion set to wow audiences in Barangaroo (South). Created by Sydney’s Spinifex Group and Vivid Sydney veteran Jason French, Trapdoor will have guests hanging on for dear life as the ground ‘opens up’. The mysterious underground world will be brought to life by intricate floor murals of light. Open every night during Vivid Sydney, Trapdoor’s ever-changing scenes will delight and confound spectators.

Free event, for more info click here.

26 May - 17 June, 6pm - 11pm

Barangaroo (South), City and Surrounds

Barangaroo (South) is an excellent vantage point for snapping some amazing shots of Vivid Sydney 2017. Barangaroo (South) is also a great spot to catch a glimpse of Harbour Lights, a stunning display of vessels and cruise ships moving through the water in a tranquil, synchronised light display.

Take a short walk down to The Rocks to get up close and personal with more amazing light installations. With 25 innovative light displays running every night throughout the festival, The Rocks is set to be one of Vivid Sydney’s most spectacular precincts. Check out Chromesthesia, an installation based on the phenomenon of matching sounds to colour, before peering through Portholes to discover the furthest reaches of the Earth, from the stars to the sea and beyond!

Visitors can also check out the Campbell’s Cove precinct to see a variety of beautiful light installations against a backdrop of amazing harbour views.

Huawei Tumbalong Lights

Walk to Darling Harbour to catch a glimpse of Tumbalong Lights. Sponsored by Huawei, Tumbalong Lights is an display of 32 illuminating beams of light shot into the clear night sky. As you walk between the strobes of light they create beautiful patterns in the crisp evening air. Look up to see the parallel rows of suspended lights blur seamlessly into space.

Free event, for more info click here.

26 May - 17 June, 6pm - 11pm

Darling Quarter

The Light Playground at Darling Quarter will host some cool light events for Vivid Sydney 2017. Look out for Giant Light Bright, a huge, interactive pegboard colourfully backlit with beautiful LED lights, Light Bubble Forest and Glow in the Dark. Glow in the Dark exhibits the stunning glow of black light luminescence, while visitors of all ages will enjoy Light Bubble Forest. Chase thousands of brightly-lit bubbles as they flow upwards, changing colour as they go. Shepard Fairey will also be holding an art exhibition each night throughout the festival showcasing his love for pop culture.