Oracle-Liquid is a laser, light and liquid special effects company forged by creativity driving technological innovation. The company is known and respected world-wide for creating many world firsts in revolutionary innovations such as the largest outdoor falling water screen and winning the international 1st place award for delivering the world’s most innovative application of laser projection and the Laserman Experience show. Millions of spectators around the world have been mesmerised by its work in the field of spectacular attractions.

Oracle-Liquid has been a proud provider and supporter of Vivid Sydney for many years and for Vivid 2018 once again we will co-curate a passionate collaboration called Fantastic Oceans, an art-meets-technology experience bringing to the surface of Darling Harbour’s Cockle Bay a story from the underwater world. Celebrating an environment from deep under the ocean in a field of bioluminescence, jelly fish and sea creatures come to life in a fantastic colourful display of water and light. Feature fountains emulate corals and deep sea flora, lasers ripple like waves of the ocean and etch the silhouette of creatures from the deep whilst lighting technologies emit bright beams of light skyward just as glistening shards of sunlight might pierce the surface of this fantastic underwater world. This experience turns a walk through Darling Harbour into a dream of strolling under the ocean. The creative, technical design and infrastructure has been reimagined for 2018 resulting in a Cockle Bay display that is now, in Glenn Turners words, a “visual experience” installation giving the audience an immersive dream like journey of "strolling under the ocean".