Vivid Music

Who can apply for Vivid Music?

Applications are open to any individual, collective or organisation to present an event in the Vivid Sydney program. You will need to hold an ABN (Australian Business Number) to enter into an agreement with Destination NSW (the owner and manager of Vivid Sydney). 

If you are applying as a group of individuals, one member must be nominated to sign and manage the agreement for the event using their ABN. 

Applicants must meet the following prerequisites prior to submitting an Expression of Interest for Vivid Music 2023: 

  • The applicant must be a registered business or sole trader (hold an ABN, ACN (Australian Company Number) or international equivalent)
  • The proposed event must not be a sales pitch or promotional tool for your business, products, or services
  • The event must take place in Sydney during the festival period - Friday 26 May – Saturday 17 June 2023 
  • The applicant must be prepared and able to enter into a contract with Destination NSW (Destination NSW owns, manages and produces the festival) for the duration of the event, which includes holding all relevant licenses, insurances and approvals
  • The applicant must hold or be willing to take out public liability insurance to the value of $20 million for the duration of their event
  • Applicants must ensure that all public liability purchased internationally is valid worldwide, preferably with the interests of Destination NSW noted.
What kinds of events are you seeking for Vivid Music?

Vivid Music is focused specifically on live music or nightclub experiences at the cutting edge of culture and technology. Application is open to all genres, from emerging to established artists, provided the event or artists showcases innovation within their chosen genre.

Propositions can include:

  • Live music performances in established music venues or new, unique or outdoor spaces 
  • Immersive music experiences.
  • Small to large scale music festivals – both indoor or outdoor.
  • Nightclub or dance party events at the forefront of DJ and club culture.
  • Australian / Sydney exclusive special concerts and events. 

Events must be related to the music industry; either serving the music sector or live performance and must take place in Sydney during the festival - Friday 26 May – Saturday 17 June 2023 

Events must announce as part of the Vivid Sydney Program Launch in March 2023 (exact date TBC), with marketing images and materials provided to Vivid Sydney in late January 2023 for approval (date TBC). 

While we accept applications directly from music artists proposing to self-produce an event in which they may feature, we do not accept applications from music acts looking to be booked or considered for other events or venues. 

What is a Third Party Event?

This is an opportunity for small to large-scale venues, event producers, commercial promoters and artists who are interested in staging a self-managed live music event, including festivals and larger concerts. These events are typically self-funded, however, they may be funded in conjunction with or by a third party sponsor. At the discretion of Vivid Sydney, we may choose to assist certain unique larger events with venue or production requirements if needed. These will be developed with Vivid Sydney co-investment or in-kind facilitation on a shared return model. 

What is the X|CELERATE Grant Program?

A partnership between Destination NSW and the City of Sydney, Vivid X|CELERATE supports small to medium sized live music venues, emerging promoters, event producers or artists working within the City of Sydney area to present an exclusive event or program of events for Vivid Music. 

Vivid X|CELERATE is providing grants of up to $20,000 (ex GST). Grants are to cover the proposed proposition – either one event or multiple. The investment should be put towards artist fees and production costs and must include an allocation to marketing expenses. 

Who is eligible to apply for an X|CELERATE grant?
  • Small to medium size music venues or nightclubs presenting a specialised, exclusive event or program for Vivid Music, over and above their usual programming.
  • Emerging or mid-career music promoters, event producers or collectives presenting a one-off exclusive event or program in an established or unique non-traditional venue.
  • Emerging musical artists looking to self-produce a one-off exclusive event for Vivid Music.
Why should I apply?

Applicants can benefit from the following:

  • Inclusion in the Southern Hemisphere’s largest festival of light, music and ideas as well as Australia’s largest and most successful public event.
  • Cross promotion within a program of high-quality music industry events and live performances, which in 2019 reached an audience of over 100,000 attendees.
  • Marketing support for your event through integration with the wider Vivid Sydney program and marketing campaign. This includes a listing of the event on the Vivid Sydney website, and potential event inclusion in the Vivid Sydney digital marketing program.
What is the selection criteria for an X|CELERATE grant?

The application process is competitive, with a high number of quality applications each year. Successful applications will need to showcase the below:

  1. Creative and artistic merit, demonstrating the use of cutting-edge artists or DJs and innovation in live music
  2. Technology, that address the 2023 creative direction. Innovative programming including new genres or performance styles, or established acts presenting work in new formats
  3. A program / event which enhances or presents a new concept in a unique space or non traditional venue
  4. Demonstration of potential for the program to attract visitation from outside Sydney
  5. Demonstration of your event’s commitment to accessible and sustainable practices
  6. Additionally, the X|CELERATE grant program will highlight applicants who can:
    1. Show that the program / event will result in a projected increase in visitation to normal operations
    2. Showcase a program / event which enhances or expands your regular programming outside of usual constraints or presents a new concept in a unique space or non traditional venue.

The Vivid Music and X|CELERATE grant program is not designed for music acts looking to be booked or programmed into existing festival events. You must present a specific and unique event concept with a potential venue in mind that you aim to self-produce.

What is required if I am awarded an X|CELERATE grant?

Successful recipients of a Vivid X|CELERATE grant are required to enter into a contract with Destination NSW. In order to meet funding requirements you will be required to deliver the following throughout the course of the engagement:

  • A full program outline showcasing the above selection criteria
  • Details of music artists origin, gender, age range and cultural background
  • Event budget, showing breakdown of artist fees, venue & production and marketing costs - outlining any in-kind benefits.
  • Attendee numbers and postcode data following the event/s - if events are free or unticketed, the applicant must ensure a way of collecting postcode data.
  • Event marketing plan identifying target market, key promotional channels, Comms strategy, timelines and ticketing plans.
  • Event collateral submitted by late April 2023 (TBC) including event name/s, marketing image kits and event copy.
  • Demonstrate strategy or plans towards Vivid Sydney access and inclusion and sustainability guidelines.
  • Demonstrate capacity for Vivid Sydney content teams to capture video and photography at the event/s for use in Vivid Sydney marketing and communications material.
  • Acknowledgement of Vivid Sydney, Destination NSW and City of Sydney in marketing collateral and event communications.
I’m a band / solo artist / performance group / busker, can I apply to be part of Vivid Music?

The Expression of Interest is for professionals or organisations who are able to manage and host their own event in the Vivid Music program. We do not place artists or music groups into events via the Expression of Interest.

If you are a musician who is interested in self-producing an event in which you may perform as part of a line up with other artists, we would be interested in reviewing your application.

I’m interested in performing at the Sydney Opera House as part of Vivid LIVE

The Vivid Music program and this Expression of Interest does not cover performances at the Sydney Opera House for Vivid LIVE. The Sydney Opera House does not accept applications via public callout and we are unable to assess or pass any applications on to the Sydney Opera House for consideration.

What information do you require in the Expression of Interest?

To apply you will need to provide the following:

  • Personal information, contact and contracting details
  • A brief written description of the proposed event including but not limited to:
    • Details of the proposed talent or line-up, including examples of previous work.
    • The proposed event details including performance dates, times, name, ticket prices.
    • Details of the proposed venue, including venue availability, and any existing audiences
  • How the event relates to the 2023 Creative Direction
  • Event marketing and communications information and an explanation of how you plan to market your event. Please include examples of previous marketing material and details on social media and digital marketing communities
  • A detailed budget breakdown, including how any requested investment will assist in further developing program content, quality, and scope
  • Information on the accessibility and sustainability of your event.
What does it cost to submit an application?

There is no application fee to enter an Expression of Interest for Vivid Sydney.

Does Vivid Sydney utilise a specific ticketing platform?

Destination NSW will engage a third party ticketing agent with integration into the Vivid Sydney website. Vivid Music events will be offered the opportunity to sell through this platform should it proceed.

I have a large-scale event proposal - is there funding available that I can apply for?

At the discretion of Vivid Sydney, some large scale events may be developed via co-investment on a shared-return model. Budget is not specifically allocated for this investment, however you may list your budget requirements in your application form for us to discuss.

Outside of direct investment, we may be able to assist your event with venue procurement or marketing support.

Can I have a sponsor for my event?

Sponsors may be engaged for your event but must be approved by Destination NSW. Sponsors will only have rights and benefits to your event and will not be able to align themselves with the wider Vivid Music or Vivid Sydney programs.

There may be restrictions on sponsors in product categories including (but not limited to) alcohol, cause-related marketing, banking and credit cards, automotive, technology (consumer and business), cleaning and hygiene, immigration, gambling and gaming, adult products or services and political groups or activities.

Can I submit more than one idea?

Yes, you are welcome to submit more than one music event that fits the selection criteria. You will need to apply separately for each submission.

We suggest you limit your submissions to your strongest concepts.

We’re a brand looking to align with Vivid Music. Should we complete this expression of interest?

Get in touch with our Partnerships team to discuss your proposal. 

What is the review process?

Applications will be assessed and shortlisted for inclusion in the Vivid Music program by the Vivid Sydney Curatorial Panel, see all Key dates.

Please keep a copy of all submitted material, as this cannot be returned by Vivid Sydney.

The decisions of the Vivid Sydney curatorial panel are final and no feedback can be given on individual applications.

What happens once my event is accepted?

You will be required to enter a contract with Destination NSW outlining the requirements and responsibilities of both parties during the term. Contracts will be sent out from October 2022 and will be required to be finalised by mid-December 2022. 

We require marketing materials and images for your event by end of January 2023 in order to be proofed and approved for the festival launch in mid-March 2023 (TBC). These materials will be collected via an online form along with additional event information. Submitted event copy will be edited or re-written by our internal copywriter for consistency across the website. 

You agree that you will not announce your event prior to the Vivid Sydney media launch in mid-March 2023 (date TBC). 

An information session and networking event will be held at Destination NSW offices before the end of 2022 to meet with event owners and introduce them to the festival.