Vivid Ideas at Chatswood Chase: Zara Pasfield, Juune, Gambirra Illume Discover the future of exciting and innovative art and design as Vivid Light...

Artists in Conversation: Emerging Lights


Level 1, Chatswood Chase
345 Victoria Avenue
2067 NSW

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Vivid Ideas at Chatswood Chase: Zara Pasfield, Juune, Gambirra Illume

Discover the future of exciting and innovative art and design as Vivid Light Curator Lucy Keeler talks to emerging artists Zara Pasfield, Juune and Gambirra Illume whose original installations Cascading Harp and Chattie’s Wood light up Vivid Sydney at Chatswood. 

Lucy Keeler has developed her multi-disciplinary art practice over 15 years, with a love for traditional art mediums such as sculpture and painting and the more technological art form of 2D animated film making. Bridging traditional and modern art forms, Lucy has designed and directed over $6m of large scale public artworks in the last 7 years. 

Founder of Ample Projects Lucy has a long history curating light art precincts for Vivid Sydney and curated the first Vivid Light Precinct for Chatswood in 2015. Using her wealth of knowledge in light sculptures and projections, Lucy takes a deep dive into the artistic development of light art sculptures created by Zara Pasfield and Timothy Lee. 

Zara Pasfield is an emerging young designer with a passion for light, sculpture and set design. After completing a degree in Spatial Architecture in 2017 from UTS, she has featured in light festivals in Europe, China and New Zealand. 

Owner and Director of Pineapple Design Studio, a collective of artists, sculptors, designers and creators, she creates transformative works that change and compliment public and commercial spaces. She will talk about her inspiration for and the techniques used in Cascading Harp - a grand yet delicate curtain of light, colour and music where eastern culture meets western technology in a celebration of peace, love and harmony. 
Going under the moniker Juune, Timothy Lee, is a third-generation Australian-Chinese, emerging projection artist and animator based in Chatswood Influenced by punk art and immigrant culture he conjures up surreal dreamscapes using his mixed-medium art style. 
Indigenous performer, composer, producer, painter and cultural educator Gambirra Illume a Yolngu woman from north-east Arnhem land is driven by nature and is a supporter of multiculturalism. 
Together Juune and Gambirra Illume have created the dynamic Chattie’s Wood which features stories of Chatswood’s past, present and future inspired by the Henry Lawson poem of the same name. 

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