Vivid Sydney Ideas Curator’s Top Picks

Vivid Sydney Ideas Curator’s Top Picks

Vivid Sydney Ideas Curator’s Top Picks

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20 Apr 2022
Vivid Sydney Ideas Curator’s Top Picks

Vivid Sydney’s Ideas Curator Tory Loudon discusses the incredible line up for the ideas program in 2022. With over eighty events – this is just a handful of highlights.

Tory Loudon, Vivid Ideas curator

“This year you can experience ideas in multiple different ways and ignite all your senses! You can participate in workshops or immerse yourself in a performance. You can also listen to our brilliant speakers but then try things out for yourself in hands-on experiences.” - Tory Loudon

Tory’s top Vivid Ideas picks

Global Storytellers

Global Storytellers – State Theatre and Sydney Town Hall

“In 2022, we are celebrating the soul of Sydney, but obviously we have an incredible international talent line up for Vivid Ideas. So, what’s the connection to Sydney? Our global storytellers this year are telling stories of place but are also informed by their community and grassroots creativity. That’s the unifying aspect to Vivid Ideas and the soul of the city – creatives are the beating heart of our city. This year we have Troye Sivan, a polymath (musician, actor and fashion icon) who collaborates with people all over the world and he will be in conversation with another polymath – Flex Mami. I chose Aaron Sorkin because he’s a master storyteller who takes contemporary politics and weaves it into something accessible, and finally Gretchen Carlson, who was right at the very beginning of the #MeToo movement, will be talking with Lisa Wilkinson. Our global storytellers are all incredible examples of people who've carved their own path.”


Up Late

Vivid Sydney Up Late – various locations

“This is a variety of different performances and events across the city. In Vivid Ideas Up Late, you don’t have to only listen to talks to experience new ideas: there are immersive experiences, music, performances and fashion. The series is also a reflection of city living and the diversity of Sydney. Come for Ballroom (think Vogue and POSE), a celebration of Queer Sydney and fashion at the Powerhouse Museum – these are fun and free nights. There are also Art Bar nights at the MCA – curated by young people for young people and stories of cities, connection and community at the Australian Museum and the Australian National Maritime Museum.”



Wellmania (Tales of the City) – Australian Museum

“Part of a series at the Australian Museum about the joys and pitfalls of city living, this is all about Sydney’s obsession with the wellness industry and social media influencers. It's very easy to be beguiled or dazzled on the surface, but Brigid Delaney and Ben Law are trying to get to the bottom of why we are so attracted to all these things as well as have a few laughs along the way.”


The Greater Sydney Planning Committee

Even Greater Sydney Planning Committee – Parliament House

“Touching on Sydney’s obsession with planning, building and demolishing, the Even Greater Sydney Planning Committee is made up of HG Nelson and James Valentine so expect hilarity, a show about the madness of bureaucracy but steeped in the truth. Do we need another huge tunnel? It’s also a little bit about visionary leadership or sometimes the lack of it.”


Tory’s top light pick

This is an image of Temple

Temple, Leila Jeffreys – Walsh Bay

"Jeffreys has highlighted the fact that, when you live in Sydney, we are so lucky to be surrounded by birds. We are one of those unusual cities where there’s quite a lot of wildlife in the city. Her piece is beautiful and meditative – even though the Light Walk is bright and vibrant, there are pockets of stillness and places to stop.”



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