This is a image of a hand holding a phone with the Cinewav app on it
This is a image of a hand holding a phone with the Cinewav app on it

Cinewav is a world-first technology that allows you to watch a large-scale visual display while listening to the audio on your smartphone for free* (in high quality and perfectly in sync). 

This year at Vivid Sydney you can LISTEN to specific installations and projections, like the projection on the Sails of the Sydney Opera House, by using the Cinewav app. Now you can watch AND LISTEN to the soundtrack of the exhibit from anywhere: on the water, across the water, from the top of a building. Just remember to bring your headphones! 

How does it work? 

Cinewav downloads the soundtracks (audio ticket) of selected installations and projections to your phone. It is best if you download the Cinewav app AND all the exhibit audio tickets prior to the night on Wi-Fi. 

Then on the night, at the selected projections, press PLAY on the corresponding audio ticket in the Cinewav app and enjoy the show!

For the best results use your mobile data (we only use 1MB per hour). 

Note: the soundtrack (audio ticket) will only play when the exhibit is live. Not all projection soundtracks are available on Cinewav.

This is a step by step guide for Cinewav









Prior to the night:

1) Download the Cinewav app (Apple app store, Google Playstore, Huawei App Gallery) 

 This is an image of the QR code to download the Cinewav appThis is an image of the Cinewav icon








2) Search for selected projection and get your Audio Tickets (first time registration required) 

This is an image of the screen of a phone and the Cinewav app












On the night:

3) On the night that you are at Vivid Sydney, open the Cinewav app, find the ticket for that projection and press PLAY (for any audio issues click TROUBLESHOOT) 

This is an image of the Cinewav app on a phone screen










Make sure your phone is charged and bring your favourite headphones or Bluetooth speakers. 

Light Installations with Cinewav Capability

New York Sunday

For Sydney with Love

Ninget Universe

Lighting of the Sails

Our Connected City

Sydney Harbour Bridge 90th Birthday

Sydney Infinity

Night Flight


*First 100,000 downloads per night are free.