Soul of Sydney : "Sydney's friendliest dance floor"SOUL OF SYDNEY: are an independent, grassroots artist, run cooperative, bonded by a love...

Soul Of Sydney 2016 feat. BULLHORN (live)


Secret Funk Oasis
2000 NSW

Secret Funk Oasis
Soul Of Sydney 2016

Event Details

Soul of Sydney : "Sydney's friendliest dance floor"

SOUL OF SYDNEY: are an independent, grassroots artist, run cooperative, bonded by a love of ‘FUNK’ and ‘SOUL’ based music in all its forms. They are an inspired family of DJ’s, Musicians, Producers, Dancers & Designers working to promote and support the music they love as well as the street culture (breaking, DJing, street art) around it in Sydney.

From modest beginnings in 2009, formerly as a blog, it was not long before the collective took a chance, over four years ago, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, to throw a one off secret Sunday afternoon picnic.  Setting up turntables and a renegade sound-system in a park in the inner West Sydney, with a simple idea to bring FEEL-GOOD FUNK & SOUL music in an atmosphere where people had the freedom to express themselves, where dancers connected with DJ’s and DJ’s had the liberty to play anything they were feeling.

Taking musical inspiration from pioneering Hip Hop, Disco & House DJ’s and parties & clubs from 70’s, 80’S of such as; David Mancuso’s The Loft (NYC), Larry Levan’s and Paradise Garage, Kool Herc’s Block Parties, Ron Hardy, Grandmaster Flash and Frankie Knuckles. As well as encouragement from current esteemed music events such as New York’s ‘Body and Soul’, LA’s ‘The Do Over’ and UK’s Southport Weekender.

Soul of Sydney’s events are characterised by dance-floor expression, crowd participation and a unique inclusive party environment which has seen the events really take on their own unmistakable feel. A delicate approach to getting down where DJ’s, Record Collectors, B-boys & B-Girls, and Musicians from difference culture, age brackets and social scenes can meet away from the usual late night bar and club situation.

Four years on, their open musical ideals have not changed, deeply focused, highlighting quality ‘feel-good’ funk vibes in all its splendour, you can expect DJ’s to dig deep in their crates and pull out all kinds of gems from Afro-Beat, Latin-Funk, New York Disco, Roller Boogie, to early Chicago House, classic 90’s Hip Hop jams and beyond at the jams.

Drawing on their musical ROOTS and INSPIRATIONS, you will typically hear the sounds of James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley, De La Soul, J Dilla, Stevie Wonder, Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash, Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles blaring through the speakers, along with a heavy dose of rare hidden gems intertwined for good measure too.

Always moving forward with a smile, since that first picnic back in 2011, the last few years have definitely been amazing for Soul of Sydney. They have been asked to curate and bring their own unique brand of Funk party as part of a host of some of the largest well established festivals in Sydney, including Sydney Festival – Hyde Park Festival Village 2015 & 2016, Sydney Fringe Festival, Vivid 2015, Soulfest, The African Film Festival to name just a few.

SOUL OF SYDNEY: Doing it strictly for the LOVE | Dancing in the KEY OF LIFE | Feel-Good Funk & Old School Party Jams | Sydney’s Friendliest Dance-floor

$10 - Early Bird - Sold Out

$15 - 2nd Release Disco Dancer - (Limited)

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