Artist:Light Atelier: Lucka Slatner (Australia)Collaborators:Maja Knezev (Australia) / Zarko Djekic (Australia)Wobbelees entices visitors into play...



The Rocks NSW 2000
2000 NSW


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Light Atelier: Lucka Slatner (Australia)

Maja Knezev (Australia) / Zarko Djekic (Australia)

Wobbelees entices visitors into play with four oversized roly-poly toys that, when pushed or knocked or nudged off centre, return themselves to an upright position.

Visitors are invited to push a Wobbelee and watch it wobble from side to side, changing colour each time it tilts, and listen to its soft chiming sounds until it slowly comes to a stop.

The installation is designed to be engaged by and accessible to all participants, regardless of size, age and mobility. Each Wobbelee is formed from two parts: a rounded bottom and a bulbous top, which tapers inward.

The top part is reminiscent of stacked rings and is made of semi-transparent acrylic that translates the light from within. The non-transparent rounded bottom houses an RGB LED light fitting, battery, controls and weight which enables the Wobbelee to right itself.

All four objects are the same in shape and differ only in the decorative pattern on top. Their humorous graphic patterns reflect the cheerful nature of the installation and encourage visitors to find their favourite Wobbelee — or perhaps engage with all of them.

Country represented by installation: Australia

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Access and Inclusion

  • Wheelchair accessible - Access to the venue is suitable for wheelchairs (toilets, ramps/lifts etc.) and designated wheelchair spaces are available.
  • Audio described - Audio description is a service provided for patrons who are blind or have low vision. Trained audio describers give live, objective, verbal descriptions.