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Urban Tree 2.0



Urban Tree 2.0

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Ample Projects: Nicholas Tory (Australia) / Lucy Keeler (Australia) / Julian Reinhold (Germany) /                      Iva Coburn (Australia) / Miles Nicholas (United Kingdom) / Alex Dray (Australia) / Oliver Abbott (Australia) / Bonnie Forsyth (Australia) /  Jin Chong (Australia) / Yasmin Moini (Australia) / Martin Crouch (Australia) /          Iain Greenhalgh (Australia) 

Technical Direction Company 

Urban Tree 2.0 transforms the sculptural form of the Commercial Travellers Association (CTA) building in Martin Place into a giant luminous mushroom-shaped tree teeming with exotic creatures.

The much-loved building, designed by modernist Architect Harry Seidler is already a notable contrast to the soaring angular geometry of the surrounding skyscrapers. During Vivid Sydney, the organic curves of the building become a canvas for breathtaking projections and animations that take viewers deep within a forested ecosystem. Rivers flow, plant life grows and each night a glowing frog succeeds in catching his dinner.

The work is a fresh chapter of the multi-award winning Urban Tree 2.0 that launched Martin Place’s entry as a Vivid Precinct in 2014. The first work explored themes associated with the impact of high density living on the natural environment and the human need for green space. The 2017 projections extend this theme further by giving viewers a unique glimpse of the interdependent creatures and habitats on our delicate and beautiful Earth.

Country represented by installation: Australia 

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