Artists: Pink Cactus (Australia), Spiire: Matt York (Australia) Under the Milky Way tells the story of Warambul – the Big River in the Sky. It is...

Under The Milky Way: Tumbalong Lights Inclusive playSPACE


Darling Harbour
2000 NSW

Image. A series of glittering sloped archways form a tunnel, its entrance topped by a graceful spire resembling a bird’s slender neck and head. Inside, the sparkling array of stars and planets covering the walls brighten and fade as visitors pass. Tactile celestial sculptures stand along the tunnel.Vivid Sydney 2019 - Under the Milky Way

Event Details

Artists: Pink Cactus (Australia), Spiire: Matt York (Australia)

Under the Milky Way tells the story of Warambul – the Big River in the Sky. It is about discovering the Milky Way through indigenous astronomy as told by the Kamilaroi and Euahlayi people. Designers Pink Cactus and Spiire are committed to both cultural and environmental inclusion. Under the Milky Way has been designed in partnership with Miss Karlie Noon, the first indigenous astronomer in NSW to tell the story of the Milky Way.

Abstracted into a series of semi-enclosed, meandering tunnels, the installation establishes a sensory pathway that enhances the arrival and queuing experience at Tumbalong Lights. Experience an intergalactic light show all around you that glows and changes in response to proximity as you move through the installation. It seems as though you are floating through the Milky Way, alighting on planets and stars that tell the story of Warambul. Major constellations are further celebrated by light works and sculptures including the Goolee-bhar Tree (Coal Sack Nebula), The River, and The Emu. Children and carers can touch and interact with these sculptures on their journey.

Download the Tumbalong Lights Social Story, prepared by Autism Awareness Australia

Audio Description

Access and Inclusion

  • Audio described - Audio description is a service provided for patrons who are blind or have low vision. Trained audio describers give live, objective, verbal descriptions.
  • Sensory friendly - Relaxed performances are designed to create a safe and welcoming environment for children on the autism spectrum or other disabilities that create sensory sensitivities, along with their friends, carers and families.
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