Artist: 1 Hemisphere: Simon Aitken (Australia)Light Installation Contributor: Mothership Events: Justin Nyker (Australia) / Caleb...

Tumbalong Lights


11 Harbour St
2000 NSW

Tumbalong Lights

Event Details

1 Hemisphere: Simon Aitken (Australia)

Light Installation Contributor: 
Mothership Events: Justin Nyker (Australia) / Caleb Hodgson (Australia) / Samantha Swan (Australia) / Sophie Woollett (Australia)

Tumbalong Lights plays with the beauty of open space, light and the night sky. An exhibit of 32 dazzling beams of light moving through the night sky creating patterns as you walk between the raised lights.  Nestled within the vast Tumbalong Green space at Darling Harbour, it sits in open space, reaching to the stars.

Gazing in to the sky as you walk between the parallel rows of suspended lights, one's eye gazes into the sky following the interweaving lines of light and colour. The colours and beams interact with one another and move seamlessly and uninterrupted into to space. Intricate programming showcases both the beauty of each single beam of light, and combinations of beams working together to create a beacon, as the light heads for the night sky and beyond.

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