Artist:Yunzhen Zhang (Australia)Collaborators:Christopher Ho (Australia) / Raymond Zeng (Australia)Timekeeper is a small ingenious shelter that allows...



Sydney NSW 2000
2000 NSW


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Yunzhen Zhang (Australia)

Christopher Ho (Australia) / Raymond Zeng (Australia)

Timekeeper is a small ingenious shelter that allows its occupants to suspend a moment of time.

The installation takes the form of an interactive wooden booth, its interior design fitted out in a way that combines industrial and steampunk aesthetics.

While unoccupied, Timekeeper serves as a real-time clock that displays the current time in digital format. However, when occupied, the clock stops, and the energy used to power it is transferred from the clock to several light bulbs that illuminate the booth with a warm glow. Once it is vacated the installation reverts to its timekeeping mode.

Yunzhen Zhang's charming work reminds us that, although we cannot manipulate time, we can always find respite in this busy and chaotic world. 

Its key message: cherish the present and let nothing else matter.

Country represented by installation: Australia

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