Collaborators: The University of Sydney Country: AustraliaThe University of Sydney’s historic Quadrangle building will be illuminated in an...



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Event Details

Collaborators: The University of Sydney 
Country: Australia

The University of Sydney’s historic Quadrangle building will be illuminated in an open source projection show, over seven amazing nights. Bring your friends and family along and relax on the front lawns as the Quadrangle’s façade is turned into a magnificent canvas featuring artworks created by more than 40 local and international artists.

Explore the University of Sydney’s Vivid precinct light program including the Quadrangle light show and installations along Eastern Avenue promenade.

When: 25 May - 31 May, shows start at 6pm, 8pm, 10pm. (6pm only on Sunday 31 May)


Projection light show film details:

Artist: Marty Chaseling Renwick

“Windows to the Soul” engages the closeness, detail and intimacy of eyes.  Marty aspires to help people feel a deepness and a richness in their own being, by seeing other’s intimacy revealed.  The models’ eyes filmed in this intimate piece are predominantly University of Sydney staff and student volunteers.


Artist: IC Collective

“InterCellular” is a collaboration between over 80 students.  Images of cells were created by students from the Sydney Medical School.  These were animated by students from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning in conjunction with students from EORA Tafe who ‘sky mapped’ many of the elements.  Students from the Conservatorium of Music then created soundtracks to accompany these animations.


Artist: Electric Canvas

‘Space’ explores the relationship between the individual viewer and virtual spaces created on the Quadrangle. The viewer follows the journey of an abstract creature as it travels through an imagined world of micro and macro. Wondrous spaces are fleetingly revealed; a quick glimpse, a flash of light and colour, and often only a partial look at any one time. 


Artists: Stephen Page & Jacob Nash, Bangarra

“EORA” allows us to discover Sydney’s aboriginal history through contemporary dance and language.  This piece goes back in time to re-imagine the harbour and the great Eora fisherwomen who dedicated their lives to provide for their families. Together, Bangarra and the University of Sydney acknowledge the custodians of this place.


Artists: Light Harvest Studio

No longer limited by their material bodies, two cosmic lovers prepare to enter eternity - but first they must navigate both the structures and the spirit of human knowledge. Our characters journey through these wild new formations, traversing brave new worlds in a colorful and emotional audio visual spectacle.


Artists: Joanie Le Mercier (visuals), James Ginzburg & Yair Glotman (Music), Juliette Bibasse (Production)

“Blueprint” is a cutting edge piece which has been created specifically for the University.  Blueprint explores the structure, rhythm and melodies of the Quadrangle facade, and enhances the experience of being in its presence by highlighting and augmenting its features.


Artist: Caitilin de Berigny and the DY Collective

“Drone Yoga” is an innovative projection using awe-inspiring aerial drone footage of the four elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire, superimposed by a choreographic, ancient yogic sequence.


Artist: Ego

'Undersea Community' takes a trip through the bays and reefs around Sydney, sampling the textures and rhythms of this underwater world.  This delightful piece will enchant children of all ages!


Artist: Kit Webster

‘Psychagraphic Forms’ is a morphing kaleidoscopic collage of visuals with different textures mapped to the three separate sections of the Quadrangle façade. Using saturated complementary colours and difference blending modes, the patterns pop from the building.  The images are accompanied by an organic, synthetic and evolving ambient drone with momentary stabs and spikes of warping sound effects, designed to sonically compliment the visuals.


STREET ART (To be premiered on Wednesday 27 May)
Artists: EORA Tafe Collaborative with MC Boomalli

“Indigenous Street Art and Street Poetry” is a highly original piece filmed in the University of Sydney’s iconic Graffiti Tunnel.  Featuring local artists, painters, gaff artists and dancers, this film explores themes of disadvantage, change, mutual collaboration and reconciliation.

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