Artists: Juliad Gorman + Danny Rose: Julia Gorman (Australia) / Sergio Carrubba (France) / Paola Ciucci (France) / Lucia Frigola...

Organic Vibrations


Museum of Contemporary Art
2000 NSW

Organic Vibrations

Event Details

Juliad Gorman + Danny Rose: 
Julia Gorman (Australia) / Sergio Carrubba (France) / Paola Ciucci (France) / Lucia Frigola (France) / Cédric Péri (France)

Collaborators: Emanuele De Raymondi (Italy) / Giulio Ronconi(Italy) / Narayana Minozzi (Italy) Alessandro Persi (Italy)  

Organic Vibrations is a collaboration between Julia Gorman, an Australian artist whose work is currently on display in the collection galleries of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA), and Paris-based creative and artistic collective, Danny Rose. Together, they create a single, coherent artwork from the constant morphing and mutation of a series of images, which flow seamlessly over the façade of the MCA.

The abstract images are drawn from the shapes and colours of the natural world, and are seen as sinuous lines that appear to grow organically until they cover the severe and geometric art deco façade of the Museum. The installation uses projection-mapping techniques to transform the façade with images originally made by the artist in watercolour, oils, marker pen, and painting applications. This flow of handmade images, synthesised with music, creates a multisensory experience as the audience follows a 10-minute animated sequence of colour, movement and emotion.

The animations resolve as a series of coloured strata, like the age rings on a tree or the layers of a topographical map, flowing in successive waves across the façade, hollowing it out in places and inflating it in others. The building is seen as a dynamic entity, always growing and changing — finally cohering into a rhythmic succession of surfaces lit from the inside. The installation is an endless breath, a rhythmic, vibrating sound that shapes and transmutes the façade of the Museum of Contemporary Art into a multitude of organic forms in constant motion.

Countries represented by installation: Australia/France

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  • Wheelchair accessible - Access to the venue is suitable for wheelchairs (toilets, ramps/lifts etc.) and designated wheelchair spaces are available.
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