Artists: Jason French (Australia)Collaborators: Spinifex Group (Will Skinner (Australia) / Doug Bayne (Australia) / Pepin Portingale (Australia...

New Reality Viewing Platform


31 Alfred St
2000 NSW

New Reality Viewing Platform

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Artists: Jason French (Australia)

Collaborators: Spinifex Group (Will Skinner (Australia) / Doug Bayne (Australia) / Pepin Portingale (Australia) / Nicholas Hunter (Australia)

The wonders of Sydney’s Hidden Stories take over the façade of Sydney’s Customs House, as Bluey, a cheeky blue-tongued lizard, leads visitors through fantastical landscapes of dragons, witches and wizards, grumpy gnomes and cocky cockatoos.

Flying into the City of Sydney’s biggest public library, Bluey stumbles across a Book of Spells that sends him flying through a Sydney that is often familiar but ever so strange. Iconic Sydney ‘identities’ like red-bellied black snakes and sulphur-crested cockatoos mix it up with banksia wizards and gumnut fairies, before Bluey is transported once more to his super-sustainable skyscraper home – where he invites all his new friends to a very Sydney dance-party.



Step onto the New Reality Viewing Platform and use Huawei’s latest smartphones and tablets for an amazing Augmented Reality viewing experience.

Augmented Reality is a new technology that enhances the physical world we see by using computer-generated sounds and graphics to give the appearance that things are popping up all around us.

With powerful sensors, cameras, processors and high-resolution displays, Huawei’s Mate8 smartphones and MediaPad tablets uncover layer upon of layer of extra viewer experiences hiding in Bluey’s magical world. What extra giant dragons and crazy gnomes, jet-powered witches and big old octopuses are hiding out in Sydney’s Hidden Stories? All brought to life by the Spinifex Group in collaboration with Vivid Sydney and Huawei.