Artists: Stephanie Shehata (Australia) / Erin Slaviero (Australia) Collaborators: Peter Favelle (Australia) / Simon Milligan (Australia) / Paul Dadd...



Circular Quay
2000 NSW


Event Details

Artists: Stephanie Shehata (Australia) / Erin Slaviero (Australia) 

Collaborators: Peter Favelle (Australia) / Simon Milligan (Australia) / Paul Dadd (Australia)

Momentum comprises of three, freestanding vertical ‘infinity boxes’: mirrored structures in which an illuminated three-dimensional object creates kaleidoscopic optical illusions. 

The artists are interested in the way the addition of motion and speed affects the interactions of infinity, light, material and form created by the illuminated object; and how this phenomenon is then translated to the experience of the user.
Participants can interact with the installation by rotating a wheel, which in turn rotates the 3D light element to explore the interplay between infinity, changing form and pattern.
To visitors, the installation initially presents as a series of tall, dark three-dimensional boxes. Their key to interacting with a box is to do so with a partner, with a person standing on either side of the box. As one spins a wheel activating the light element inside, their partner views the spinning form as it is reflected into infinity.


Country represented by installation: Australia

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