Artists:amigo and amigo: Renzo B. Larriviere (Peru) / Simone Chua (Australia) / Chris Daniel (Australia)Fugu introduces us to the notorious pufferfish...



First Fleet Park
2000 NSW


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amigo and amigo: Renzo B. Larriviere (Peru) / Simone Chua (Australia) / Chris Daniel (Australia)

Fugu introduces us to the notorious pufferfish, an unusual marine species containing a deadly toxin used to defend itself against predators.

Artists amigo and amigo were fascinated by the pufferfish and its unique form-changing abilities, exploring this unique skill within their work.

They created Fugu as a kinetic lighting sculpture, which captivates audiences by expanding and contracting its spiky rotating form. As visitors gather, Fugu comes to life, his swirling body expanding, glowing and pulsating in colours inspired by the sea and the astonishing creatures living beneath its depths.

Containing most of the living space on our planet, the oceans are home to approximately 80 percent of all life on Earth.  The artists wish to highlight the fragility of our oceans, promoting conservation and preservation of the delicate environmental balance that lives below the surface.

Fugu aims to ignite curiosity about our own planet and the creatures that live in its most uncharted parts, our oceans.

Country represented by installation: Australia

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