Artist:Kirsten Baade (Australia)Electroluminescent Cross-Stitch combines modern technology with the traditional craft of cross-stitch.The skilled technique...

Electroluminescent Cross-Stitch


The Rocks NSW 2000
2000 NSW

Electroluminescent Cross-Stitch

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Kirsten Baade (Australia)

Electroluminescent Cross-Stitch combines modern technology with the traditional craft of cross-stitch.

The skilled technique of the artisan is used to present electroluminescent (EL) wire technology in a unique way. The intent of the installation is to produce something beautiful, innovative and creative.

Cross-stitch is a classic form of embroidery where X-shaped stitches are sewn in a tiled pattern to form a picture. Cross-stitch patterns resemble computer images: a grid of coloured squares make up an image, just as pixels do on a computer.

Electroluminescent (EL) wire is made from copper coated with a phosphor and gives off a neon-like light when exposed to an energy source, like electricity. It is widely used by artists to add illumination to their works.

The installation features EL wire stitches sewn onto a panel made from aluminium composite. The panel is perforated to resemble woven fabric and forms a canvas for the EL wire.

The embroidered image is a traditional floral pattern. It is a design visitors may have seen in a picture frame at their grandmother’s house or embroidered onto a tablecloth. The choice of design is intended to be both nostalgic and beautiful in its luminescence.

By day the installation resembles an embroidered piece of street art, but after dark it transforms into a glowing symbol of innovation.

Country represented by installation: Australia

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