Title of Installation: Electric ForestCountry Represented by Installation: AustraliaArtists: 1.       Students of the Bachelor...

Electric Forest


Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
2000 NSW

Electric Forest

Event Details

Title of Installation: Electric Forest

Country Represented by Installation: Australia


1.       Students of the Bachelor of 3D Art & Animation and Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development at TAFE NSW Design Centre Enmore
2.       Students of the Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Live Production Design at TAFE NSW Design Centre Enmore
3.       Students of the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Music Industry (Electronic Music Production) at TAFE NSW Ultimo


1.       Ample Projects, Nicholas Tory (Australia)
2.       Hammer Lighting, Mark Hammer (Australia)

Electric Forest is a dynamic collaboration between Vivid Sydney and TAFE NSW, designed to highlight both the natural beauty of Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden, and the talents of our next generation of designers, 3D artists, animators and electronic musicians. Two of Australia’s towering talents in lighting and animation, Mark Hammer and Nick Tory, have worked with the students to bring the Forest to life.

Electric Forest features music, lighting design, animation and projection mapping onto one of the garden’s magnificent fig trees. This projection transforms the tree into a canvas for TAFE NSW’s 3D Art & Animation students to paint and animate with light, while exploring the biology and ecology of the gardens.

Visitors to the Electric Forest will walk through a strange world of illuminated plant life: from bizarre hanging ‘fruits’ and deep rumbling storms to schools of fish and cunning optical illusions, highlighting the fertile imaginations of the Live Production Design Students.

Finally, an unusual psychoacoustic offering from the music students provides multiple soundtracks to the activation, so that when the animation loop repeats, it does so to different music. Apart from ‘keeping it fresh’, the audience will experience first-hand how different music can sometimes can change the entire meaning of a visual narrative.

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