Resolution X

Resolution X was founded with a core vision to provide the best quality rental equipment for the entertainment industry backed by the best people and service. Since 1998, Resolution X have delivered this quality and have grown to be one of the largest providers of rental lighting, audio and rigging equipment in Australia.

Resolution X strives to partner with the best and brightest in the arts, entertainment and event space helping them to create their vision. Resolution X is proud to again be working with Destination NSW on the 10th annual Vivid festival. Helping to illuminate art, bringing innovative ideas to light and lighting cutting-edge music is what this company does best.

Resolution X is working along-side established local lighting designer Mark Hammer and the next generation of light artists from various TAFEs around Sydney. These teams will bring the Royal Botanic Gardens to life at night with a series of light art installations dotted around the gardens and linked with lighting to entice audiences from one piece to the next.

This year’s projects will utilise Resolution X’s extensive experience in staging major outdoor arts events along with a host of innovative products that not only create amazing illumination but also keep the audience safe without interjecting into the experience of the artists’ vision.