25 May - 16 Jun 18:00 - 23:00
Sydney NSW 2000
Sydney NSW 2000

Kate & Marty: Kathryn Bevz (Australia) / Martin Bevz (Australia)

Chrysalis waits patiently; each of its five shell-like forms sheltering a butterfly.

On first sight the butterflies are resting quietly but, as visitors approach, they are ready to emerge. The sound generated by the viewer encourages each butterfly to awake and flutter. As the noise grows louder, the butterflies become more active, and the glow on the shells becomes more colourful.

Each ‘chrysalis’ contains over 500m of side-glow fibre optic cable illuminated by a high efficacy LED source. The fibre optic is attached to a frame created from recycled wire. An embedded microcontroller converts sound into the butterflies’ kinetic motion and vibrant colour-changing effects.

Country represented by installation: Australia