Orbs of various sizes connected by a framework form an irregular domed structure that shines with gentle blue light. Within the orbs and connecting bars, sparks of light intensify and fade in reaction to the touch and movement of participants.
22 May - 08 Jun 2015 18:00 - Midnight
First Fleet Park, Circular Quay, Sydney NSW 2000

Artists: amigo & amigo (Simone Chua & Renzo B. Larriviere ) + S1T2 (Chris Panzetta & Naimul Khaled)
Collaborators: Onled LED Lighting (Jim Chua) / Event Engineering, (Morgan Sheehy) / Sound Design (Oliver Pieterse & Oscar Landa) / Rahul Chowdhury
Country: Australia

Country: Australia

Explore the mystery of our brains, where our most precious memories live.

Affinity is an ingenious large-scale lighting installation that attempts to depict the dazzling complexity and connectivity of the human brain. Participants step within an intricate web of interconnected orbs representing neurons in the brain. When stimulated by touch, the orbs set-up a striking display of sound and light, representing the rapid-fire transmission of messages between neurons.

The work was inspired by the electrochemical activity of the brain, in which 100 billion neurons fire impulses up to 200 times per second. The electrical signals that pass between neurons control everything we do and think. The sculpture explores the effects of Alzheimer's on our memories within this environment.

Those viewing Affinity arrive to find a web of darkened globes lying dormant except for a small, curious trail of light that bounces playfully between them. However, as participants touch each globe, colourful light streams flow outwards into the sculpture and link to another orb.