Digital influencers have gained popularity at lightning speed in recent years; and in the process have radically transformed the face of the media and...

What Is Influence? Meet The Power Players In Social Media


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What Is Influence? Meet The Power Players In Social Media


Lorraine Murphy

Lorraine Murphy

Founder, The Remarkables Group

Founder and Head of Relationships at The Remarkables Group, the first dedicated influencer talent agency in Australia. Launched in May 2012, The Remarkables Group represents a boutique group of 20 of the leading influencers in Australia , who have a combined reach of 8 million people a month.

Lorraine has built a reputation as one of Australia's foremost experts on influencer marketing, whose work has been recognised with both awards and media coverage. The agency has scooped awards including: Content Marketer of the Year, Emerging Agency of the Year and Australian Start-up of the Year.

She brings background in PR and communications strategy to assist brands in reaching their target audience by creating integrated campaigns across multiple social media channels.

Advocate for social media campaigns that deliver incredible results for brands and also support bloggers.

Avid trend-watcher and participant in social media who lectures in the strategic use of social media at both the University of New South Wales and Sydney University. 

She is a frequent speaker at industry events, including Mumbrella’s CommsCon and Problogger Training Day, and also leads training seminars for brands on the world of influencers.

Passionate about entrepreneurship, especially about inspiring more women to start their own businesses.

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Taking It to the Next Level: Expert Advice for Digital Influencers

What Is Influence? Meet The Power Players In Social Media

Nikki Parkinson

Founder & Creator, Styling You

Nikki Parkinson is a former-journalist, turned stylist, and now author and full-time blogger behind Styling You.

Styling You is an advice-driven fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog that helps busy women find confidence through their personal style. 

A thriving online community with a highly engaged, targeted readership of women aged 25-55 (73% Australian), the multi award-winning blog attracts over 130,000 unique visitors and 280,000 page views every month.

In 2014, Nikki's first book – Unlock Your Style – was published by Hatchette Australia and distributed nationally through major retailers and as an e-book, where it made iBooks' Best Books 2014 list.

Nikki was the first blogger to win a Telstra Business Award when she took home QLD Micro Business of the Year for 2015. As one of pioneers of the professional blogging industry in Australia, she makes frequent media appearances. 

Lola Berry

Leading Australian Nutritionist

When it comes to getting the world excited about health and good food, there is very little Lola Berry won’t do. She’s convinced a TV host to swallow raw wasabi on live, national television. She’s dived into dumpsters on the streets of New York (...and eaten from one!). She’s run madly in search of water after daring to munch on one of the world’s hottest chillies, and she’s handed out actual Black Eyed Peas to celebrities at an official “Black Eyed Peas” red carpet event (...and they loved them!)

Relocated from Melbourne to Sydney in March 2014, Lola has picked up a number of media roles such as a regular columnist for Good Food online.

Lola has written 5 books – The 20/20 Diet, Inspiring Ingredients, The 20/20 Diet Cookbook, The Happy Cookbook, Lola Berry’s Little Book of Smoothies and Juices was released on 1 November 2015 with Pan Macmillan Australia and her sixth book, the brand new second installment of The Happy Cookbook titled The Happy Life was released on Monday 1st February, 2016.  The Happy Cookbook is also set to be released in the USA in July 2016.

Lola is also a passionate yoga teacher and has taught at famed festivals such as Wanderlust.

She’s very colourful. She’s very passionate. She’s very Australian. With a Bachelor of Health Science, Lola knows what she’s talking about, and she’s got a secret: the most nutritious, healthy food is also the tastiest! Whether through her TV appearances, radio spots or her popular web series, Lola is reaching out to people all over the globe...and people are listening!


Cartia Mallan


Like an invigorating blast of fresh air, Cartia Mallan is turning the world of online beauty and fashion on its head.

An outspoken advocate for positive self-image and bravely pursuing your dreams, Cartia inspires her followers to ditch their insecurities and ideas of perfection, and instead to loudly love and celebrate the face and body they were born with.

Cartia's beauty, fashion and lifestyle vlogs keep her followers firmly ahead of the curve. It' s her uplifting, free spirited, down to earth style, bubbly personality & bohemian lifestyle that her fans simply love.

Cartia Mallan's posts are not just about beauty, they're about promoting a defiantly fun and courageous, live-out-loud lifestyle. 

Simon Joyce

Founder / CEO, Emotive Content

Sydney born and bred, Simon is a graduate of University Technology Sydney and founder of Emotive, which launched in the Australian market 12 months ago. Since launching, Emotive has delivered on its promise to inject emotion into content creation and guaranteeing that this content will be consumed by the right audience. Emotive is leading the content marketing revolution with their ability to own every step of the process from creation through to amplification.

A Chief Executive Officer at public company level, he has extensive experience in digital, branded content, mobile, radio, marketing, commercial and business leadership gained over 16 years in media and marketing. Prior to launching Emotive, his recent positions include the CEO of MCM Entertainment and Managing Director of Brand New Media.

Simon has a long history of leading content marketing activations including the much talked about ‘Gaga Live at Sydney Monster Hall’ presented by Vodafone. He is also highly credentialed in the online video space and was instrumental in launching Vevo in Australia in 2011.

Simon is a passionate business leader with a disciplined approach to quantifiable results alongside a strong desire to inspire and excite the best people. He has been recognized by the industry on numerous occasions including being named in the Ad News Top 40 under 40, The Australian Music Directory Power 50, and the Media Week Top 25 People in Media.

Clarabella Burley

Clarabella Burley

Digital Communications Manager, Qantas

Clarabella Burley has been working in the digital strategy space for 10 years, with a focus on social media. She has worked in digital strategy and execution for various Federal Ministers and the Australian Labor Party, before running Digital for Federal Caucus out of Julia Gillard’s Caucus Communications Team.

Following her time in Federal Politics, she joined Qantas, managing the Digital Communications team. In this role, Clarabella oversees the strategy of the Digital team across all of Qantas’ social media channels, their online influencer engagement program as well as the customer response teams who respond to each of the thousands of passengers engaging with the airline online daily.

Event Details

Digital influencers have gained popularity at lightning speed in recent years; and in the process have radically transformed the face of the media and advertising landscape both globally and here in Australia. 

This session dissects the concept of influence, and examines the relationships that influencers have with their audiences, each other and the brands who are jumping onboard.

Expect frank conversation, real-life case studies and a bucket-load of advice for marketers seeking to leverage this vital channel.

Speakers at the session include:

Lola Berry, Nutritionist, author & speaker -

Nikki Parkinson, Blogger & author - Styling You

Cartia Mallan, Vlogger

Clarabella Burley, Qantas

Simon Joyce, Emotive Content

Lorraine Murphy, The Remarkables Group


This event is presented by The Remarkables Group.

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