The Creative Industries Game

The Creative Industries Game
01 Jun - 02 Jun 2017 17:00 - 19:00
55 Elizabeth Street Sydney NSW 2000
The University of Newcastle

What could you create with Brian Eno, a brass band, one tonne of bananas and a $1million sponsorship from the Trump Organisation?  This interactive Design Thinking workshop on creativity, uses an inventive, collaborate game to showcase the challenges and possibilities of innovation in the Creative Industries.

Learning Aims

The Creative Industries Game aims to get a feel – in a highly engaging and entertaining way - for the full range of artistic, social, environmental and business decisions that are involved in developing a product, service, or experience in the creative industries. At the completion of the game, participants will have an appreciation of the decision-making involved in developing complex creative and cultural products and services.

The Creative Industries Game

In teams, groups are dealt cards that represent resources (talent, support acts, a sponsorship deal), constraints (social, ethical, or financial requirements) and just plain chance (here, have 10,000 helium balloons). Together each team has about an hour to develop a tangible and feasible creative industries project (an event, product, experience, app) and must prepare for a 3 minute pitch of their idea - which includes revealing the project’s promotional poster.

The game can be adapted to different situations and organisational cultures and can be used to tease out different perspectives on entrepreneurship, creativity, collaboration, ethical behaviour and/or marketing.

Delivery style

The Creative Industries Game will be delivered as an interactive , fun and collaborative workshop. After a short introduction and explanation of the “rules” of the game, participants are put into teams and work collaboratively and playfully to develop a Creative Industries “project” for a given set of resources and constraints.

Intended audience

Whilst it is of particular relevance to those working and in the creative industries, the Creative Industries Game is suitable for all members of the public over the age of 18.