Vivid Sydney 2022: the Festival Director’s edit

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06 Apr 2022
This is an image of Floating World in Vivid House

Gill Minervini, Vivid Sydney Festival Director and Light Curator

“In 2022, Vivid Sydney dives deep into the essence of Sydney’s soul, exploring what defines the character of great cities. What makes them tick, what makes them unique, what it is that makes us love them and, what makes them powerful catalysts for change? This year I’m really excited about shining a light on some of our city’s lesser-known spaces, along with our icons, delivering bold, inclusive and innovative creative experiences.”


Gill’s top Vivid Light picks:

This is an image of For Sydney With Love

For Sydney With Love, by Ken Done and Spinifex – Customs House

“Ken is synonymous with Sydney Harbour, as is Vivid Sydney, so it’s great we can celebrate one of Australia’s best-known artists this year. Personally, I’ve loved Ken’s work since I was a teenager so it’s wonderful to be able to meet and work with him and be part of this special installation that really exemplifies the creative direction – the soul of our city – Ken is part of the soul of this city.”


This is an image of Endless Love

Endless Love, by Michaela Gleave – Above Circular Quay Station

“I love this work and think it really amplifies our creative direction this year. It’s a bold statement about the passion we feel about Sydney and will be a very Instagrammable piece that really frames the creative direction within Circular Quay.”


This is an image of Our Connected City

Our Connected City, by Mandylights – Sydney Harbour

“Lighting both sides of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and numerous city buildings, as well as the harbour and vessels, is really an exclamation point of Vivid Sydney. It shows the connectedness between all of these elements and between the festival and our city, it will be a dramatic, awe-inspiring and memorable project.”


This is an image of Bump in the Night

Bump in the Night, by James Dive – Tumbalong Park

“James is one of Sydney’s most clever, accessible and creative public artists and this work is no different – I think people will love its humour and sense of fun. The audience will be able to interact and be part of the installation – activating the lights – and it will be great to watch people work this out. It’s a different kind of work for Vivid Sydney, it shows our relationship with our fauna – this time with a smile.”


This is an image of Convergence

Convergence, by Mandylights – The Goods Line Tunnel

“This year we have tried to celebrate some of Sydney’s forgotten spaces and this work – in the disused tunnel at the end of The Goods Line – does that in spectacular fashion. The audience will be given a fully immersive laser and light experience whilst walking into one of Sydney’s heritage tunnels that’s no longer open to the public – except for this year at Vivid Sydney!”


This is an image of Temple

Temple, by Leila Jeffreys – Jessie Street Gardens

“I love Leila’s photography of birds – I’m a self-proclaimed bird nerd! But I love that we are celebrating the incredible wildlife of Sydney, as it’s such an important part of our soul as a city. Birds are a reminder to those of us living in the city of our relationship with the natural world and this work is a meditative and reflective look at how important that relationship is.”


This is an image of Earth Deities

Earth Dieties, by Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran – Hickson Road Reserve

“This is a very different work by one of Australia’s hottest artists right now, Western Sydney artist Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran. This piece brings a new way of viewing light installations into Vivid Sydney and I think that people will be awe inspired by the drama and excitement this work brings to the festival.”


Gill’s top Vivid Ideas pick:

Vivid Sydney Dinner

The Vivid Sydney Dinner in partnership with Merivale – Ivy Ballroom

“I am so excited to bring this ‘first’ to Vivid Sydney! For a city well known for and obsessed with food we are bringing all the festival’s elements together for the Vivid Sydney Dinner – light, music, ideas and food! We’ll be transforming the Ivy Ballroom with light projections; Sydney’s favourite chefs, Dan Hong and Mike Eggert, will be cooking the menu; it will be hosted by Justine Clarke; music by James Morrison, Ngaiire and Virginia Gay; with Love Letters to Sydney read by Julia Baird and Ken Done. It will be a true celebration of Vivid and Sydney.”


Gill’s top Vivid Music pick:

DJs at the Goods Line

DJs at The Goods Line

“I think this will be a great addition to the Vivid Sydney music program and really celebrate the fact that Sydney has a world-renowned DJ culture and has for many years. These celebrated DJs from all eras and backgrounds will create the perfect soundtrack for The Goods Line Light Walk.”




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