Great Vivid Sydney Ideas Events for the Creative Mind

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Vivid Sydney Ideas is a selection of creative panels, inspirational talks and innovative workshops that cover a range of topics and industries. This year, Vivid Sydney Ideas will host over 180 events and creative conferences across the city, discussing everything from technology and smart startups to film and the visual arts. Check out 5 of the best Vivid Sydney Ideas events taking place during this year’s festival.

Ghost in the Design – Inner Forces Driving Local and Global Architecture

Ghost in the Design brings together industry leaders, creatives, students, business owners and lovers of architecture to discuss the future of local and international architecture. Experts will discuss technological and renewable advancements alongside environmental, political and monetary structures to work out where architecture is likely headed. Speakers include Dr Tim Williams, CEO of the Committee for Sydney, Ray Brown, Managing Director of design firm architectus, and Chris Bosse, Managing Director of LAVA Asia Pacific.

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3 June, 6pm - 9:30pm

2071: Performance for Social Change

Can theatre create change? 2071: Performance for Social Change will make its Australian debut at Vivid Sydney 2017. First performed by London’s Royal Court Theatre, the show has received much critical acclaim since its opening in 2014. The thought-provoking show uses amazing 3D projections and a beautiful music score to explore climate change and try to imagine what the future holds for our planet.

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8 June, 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Virtual Reality: The Quest

The Quest is an awesome virtual reality experience that will give you a taste of technology to come. Held over half-hour sessions on various dates throughout Vivid Sydney, this event gives you a unique chance to immerse yourself in the virtual world. The quest will require several users to work together to try and escape an unknown world, with a range of difficulty options ranging from beginner to VR master.

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17 - 18 June, 10am - 12pm

Industrial Evolution: Old + New = Creative Survival

Join a panel of creative specialists and discuss ideas of ‘new versus old’ and how to adapt in a digital world. The workshop will be headed up by award-winning creative industries expert Monica Davidson and feature professionals from publishing, performance, design, music, and the screen. Find out more about forecasting trends, marrying the traditional with the modern, and how to evolve as a creative in an ever-changing media landscape.

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3 June, 3pm - 5pm

The Artificial Intelligence Debate: Does Creativity Require Humanity?

Is artificial intelligence the way of the future? Join experts including Mark Henley, Henry Cho and Marita Cheng on 15 June to discuss the rise of AI and what the jobs of the future will entail. Panelists will discuss the limitations of AI and how the landscape will change over the next ten years, before delving into the real question: without a sense of empathy or conscience, are machines to be trusted?

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15 June, 7pm - 9:30pm