2018: Great Vivid Sydney Ideas Events For The Creative Mind

2018: Great Vivid Sydney Ideas Events For The Creative Mind

2018: Great Vivid Sydney Ideas Events For The Creative Mind

Submitted by Vivid Sydney

01 May 2018

Covering a range of diverse topics and industries, Vivid Sydney Ideas will host numerous events and creative conferences across the city as part of Vivid Sydney 2018. 

Expect a program complete with an incredible selection of creative panels, inspirational talks and innovative workshops for audiences to expand your mind. Read on to discover some of the best Vivid Sydney Ideas events taking place at this year's Vivid Sydney festival below.


Dare Jennings

Dare Jennings - Vivid Sydney 2018

According to Dare Jennings, he has no business knowledge to share but will provide a few tips and tricks at City Recital Hall! One of Australia’s global success stories, he is the founder of Mambo clothing, Phantom records and Deus Machina. Audiences will learn how Jennings created cult brands that have cut across age and lifestyles, by tossing out the rule book and following instincts. Joined by the one and only James Valentine - the host of Afternoons on ABC Radio Sydney, expect topics ranging from politics music, surfing to bikes.


United by social media and shared experiences of harassment and assault, women across the world are creating the biggest feminist movement ever. Celebrating its tenth anniversary, the 1Q2 Australia  event will be held at Sydney Town Hall and will cover the biggest issues of our times.The debate will cover the issues of whether the #MeToo movement has bonded women together to create an inspirational force to affect behavioural change, or if it is pitting women against women, and driving feminism’s efforts backwards?

Data after dark: Your guide to the statistics shaping culture & creativity

Data After Dark - Vivid Sydney 2018In this jam-packed session, creative data specialists Patternmakers (Tandi Palmer Williams and Brooke Boyce) will provide some insightful facts about Australian community attitudes, creative careers, arts participation, funding and impact from having mined the biggest and best datasets. The amazing duo will uncover the top statistical trends that arts, culture and creative professionals NEED to know. Audiences will have the opportunity to take some useful facts and figures that can strengthen their creative work, and enhance their decision-making capabilities.

Rhodes Creative

Rhodes Creative

Rhodes Creative is an exciting program of workshops, activities and events that will engage the entire community with the latest ideas and processes in creative practice, focusing on robots and STEM engagement. And for creatives looking to branch out, Rhodes Creative will offer hands-on digital image production, and electronic making workshops.

Semi Permanent 2018

Semi Permanent - Vivid Sydney 2018

Celebrating 16 years of pioneering and transformative design, global creative platform Semi Permanent will return with their three day event on 24, 25 and 26 May at Sydney’s Carriageworks. This year’s event will focus on the theme of positive and negative friction that come before a breakthrough. The event will delve into the idea that creative thinkers and doers stand on the cliff of change until they learn to jump in the future, and take the next step. Co-founders and co-CEOs Godfrey Dadich Partners (Scott Dadich and Patrick Godfrey), will lead the conversations with a handpicked selection of their influential collaborators. Some of these prominent figures include legendary Nike sneaker designer TInker Hatfield and vice president Airbnb, AIr Schleifer.

Digital Megatrends: Are Your Ready For The Future?

Digital Megatrends - Vivid Sydney 2018

Do you ever wonder what our world will look like in 2028? In 10 years, the iPhone was unveiled, and we’ve seen the rise of self-driving cars, people selling houses with bitcoin, and the ascendancy of peer-to-peer sharing platforms like Airbnb and Amazon. Held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, attendees will join Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, principal scientist at Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO’s Data61 in the field of strategic foresight, to explore digital megatrends that are reshaping the world. Stefan will highlight a glimpse of what’s in store for us over the next decade, in terms of technological advances in artificial intelligence and robots through to cybersecurity and privacy concerns.

New Kid On The Blockchain

Audiences of the ‘New Kid On The Blockchain’ will have the opportunity to join the Decoded team (Chris Monk & Victoria Shillingford) as they explore the mindset and creativity behind blockchain. They will have a deeper look at hashing, and will explain how it works and why it will change your industry. Audiences will learn that distributed ledgers and blockchain technologies have applications far beyond their most famous example - Bitcoin, and will have the opportunity to understand the hows and whys from experts, putting them ahead of the game as automated transactions go mainstream.


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