Vehicle Access Parking Request

Vivid Sydney aims to minimise the event’s impact on local residents, businesses and the non-event community by providing complimentary vehicle access passes (VAPs).

Vivid Sydney will take place from 26 May - 17 June 2023. Lights On are from 6pm-11pm daily. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the road closures and plan your movements ahead of time. Please also refer to the Vivid Sydney 2023 Road Closure Flyer and visit our Resident & Stakeholder Information page for event information.

If you require a VAP for Vivid Sydney 2023, please take a moment to read: the terms & conditions provided below and Destination NSW’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. You can opt out anytime following the instructions in the Privacy Policy.

Once your form is submitted, a Vivid Sydney representative will contact you via email to confirm the booking and advise further details.

If you have specific requirements, please feel free to contact our Vivid Sydney Team at

Terms and Conditions

  • Submitting your request for a VAP does not confirm a parking bay on any of the Vivid Sydney closed roads.
  • Vivid Sydney VAPs are strictly limited and depending on demand. It will be limited to two per household.
  • Entry to a Vivid Sydney road closure or parking area is only possible with a valid VAP, as provided by Vivid Sydney. The VAP is not transferable.
  • Parking is only valid for the vehicle listed and for the date and time indicated on the VAP.
  • The VAP must be displayed on the left side of a vehicle's dashboard and presented at road closure points to traffic control and to Vivid Sydney guest services.
  • Vehicles must park in bays as instructed by traffic control and abide by regular traffic rules.
  • Parking conditions may change subject to police and traffic control discretion, and in the event of safety hazards.
  • Vivid Sydney guest services and traffic controllers will not be able assist guests to enter or leave their vehicle.
  • Vivid Sydney experiences high pedestrian traffic and drivers are advised to exercise caution while driving in these areas and turn on their hazard lights at all times.
  • Any vehicle that remains parked outside of the allocated parking dates & times as specified by the VAP will be towed at the owner’s expense.