Banksia Foundation

The Banksia Foundation and Vivid Sydney have collaborated over the past 3 years in developing Vivid Sydney’s Sustainability Platform. Through this process we have developed a very strong understanding of each other’s’ operations and capabilities and have developed a platform for the festival to report on its sustainability performance.

Banksia understands Vivid Sydney’s commitment to sustainable development and also the influence that Vivid Sydney has by becoming one of the most recogised events of its kind in the world. The Vivid Sydney platform is one of the biggest innovation 
interfaces in Australia and Banksia provides an additional innovation platform to Vivid Sydney through Banksia Ignite – a recognition, celebration and promotion of the best innovation under the Sustainable Development Goals.

With 30 years of experience and in being the longest running sustainability awards program in the world the Banksia Foundation through Banksia Ignite has developed an engaging face to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) so that they become the platform of action and accomplishment throughout Australia. 

Banksia understands that to evolve there must be a creation of discussion, open dialogue and partnerships going forward around the 17 SDGs throughout the entire Australian community, not just business and government. Banksia ignite at Vivid Sydney provides the ideal platform to foster, support, encourage and grow partnerships that deliver good practice around the SDGs in Australia.