Every Cause has its Effect. Every Effect has its Cause.

Can artists inspire change?

As part of Vivid Ideas, Carnival of the Bold is collaborating with Miriam Cabello who is behind MLC Gallery to present Cause & Effect: Artists for Social Change. The 2-week visual arts exhibition and two forums are designed to shine a spotlight on some of the more current and pressing social issues faced by Australian society: War & Conflict, Environmental Destruction and Racism, prompting audiences to consider and deliberate some complex, multi-faceted and sensitive themes.

The event aims to raise awareness and conversation around these social issues and give a voice to marginalised communities. Miriam will be participating as an artist and curator of the project, together with five other artists; Andrea Srisurapon, Mandy Schöne-Salter, Marwa Charmand, Sherine Tan and Tia Kass.

We chat to Miriam about her inspiration, personal connection with the cause, reflections, and hopes for this project.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.
A: In 1971, my parents fled the impending omnipotence of Chile's dictatorship. They arrived in Australia with fifty cents, aspirations of further education and a longing for avocados. Encouraged to be creative, by my early teens I discovered a symbiotic relationship with art and forged a vision to embrace art, design, and business. This lead to undertaking a postgraduate degree of design at UTS.

Together with my brother Victor, we grew a graphic design business and over time, I was able to spend more time with my true companion, oil painting. Since 2005, I have dedicated myself full-time to my passion for art and education and have been awarded and recognised for my efforts.

Q: As an artist, who or what is your inspiration.
A: My art grows from a passion for the Civil Rights movement and I have found inspiring voices in the oral histories of individuals such as Indigenous boxing legends Dave Sands, Ron Richards, and Lionel Rose.

Q: Why are you passionate about using your art to convey social issues?
A: My art and artistic practice are emblematic of cross-cultural understanding and respect for human rights. All my oil paintings emerge from these themes and employ artistic expression as voices of resistance, thus inviting the viewer to explore, remember and reflect.

Q: What can people expect from Cause & Effect?
A: I hope people will be inspired by the artists who have championed social change via their art, and hear their perspectives and approach to them. Above all, you will also meet and network with an engaged community of artists and change makers. Leaving you encouraged that change is possible with individual action and the strength of a collective voice.

Miriam is presenting at the Vivid Ideas event Cause & Effect: Artists for Social Change, Saturday 3 June 3.00pm.