Vivid Au Go Go presents: Avant-Cabaret:Brendan Maclean, Zsa Zsa LaFine, Bridie Doll & Dear Bobby

Brendan Maclean 

“A king of pop in the making”, “a modern day Mick Jagger” are some of the epithets levelled at Brendan Maclean. This rarity in Australian music is full-voiced, a dynamic singer possessing an incomparable performance style accompanied by an educated songwriter's mind. As The Age wrote, "he's an absolute complete package."

Zsa Zsa LaFine  

Once more Zsa Zsa will weave her magical aura and woo you with her sultry, sullen, supple artistry on the final night of Avant Cabaret.

Bridie Doll

Just back from performances in Japan, Bridie Doll will wow audiences with her gorgeous go-go mobility. 

Dear Bobby

Dubbed the ‘boy beauty’ of  burlesque, due to  his  soft  pale  skin  and  dark  Arabia  eyes  combined  with his languid  frame and liquid movement of it, Dear Bobby is the little bit of beauty we all need in our lives.