Pretty lights, random acts, funny visuals, art and utterly cool tunes! Cosy Nook is a one-off concept for Vivid Sydney 2015. Essentially an evening of...

Tobin's Cosy Nook


Captain Cook Hotel
2021 NSW

Tobin's Cosy Nook

Event Details

Pretty lights, random acts, funny visuals, art and utterly cool tunes! Cosy Nook is a one-off concept for Vivid Sydney 2015. Essentially an evening of sophisticated and eclectic music with a variety of eye candy for the discerning ageless post – Queer scene and their friends. The demographic is ALL music lovers with an aversion to pretension and a proclivity for quality, style, fun and pleasure!

Curated by Tobin Saunders aka Vanessa Wagner - Tobin is an out, gay, HIV positive freelance performer, writer, choreographer, dancer, actor, DJ and events Coordinator/producer and health promoter. Combining elements of contemporary dance, expressive movement, popular culture, social comment and satire, Tobin’s work could be described as Pastiche. Over the past 25 years he has been involved in theatre works, production and performance at Mardi Gras, in fashion parades, film and dance variety at Belvoir St Theatre. He also produced, choreographed, hosted and performed at legendary “Jamie & Vanessa” events in Sydney. Tobin now works solo with the Vanessa Wagner character and is freelancing as an actor/activist/educator. He appears on TV as a social commentator and contemporary icon. His eclectic experience and skills have enabled Tobin to produce work that is fresh, challenging and innovative. Avoiding the labels of “Dance”, “Theatre” “education” or “Comedy”, he combines all into a vibrant hybrid.

DJs Ben Drayton
DJ since 1986 ( p= promoter, dj = dj)

Bad Dog (promoter/dj) (every party a sell out since 2000) – Lovecult 2000 (alternative Mardi Gras party at the Metro, last year and upcoming Mar 2015) (p/dj) - Christeene's Skeeze Ball at Oxford Art Factory (upcoming Feb 2015) (p/dj) Velvet Hammer (alterna queer party ft live bands, dis, performers) (p/dj) - Subsonic (dj) - Numerous House Of Mince parties (upcoming) - Marcel Dettman gig, Jan 2015) (dj)

Steve & Ben's Class Act at Sublime, Sundays. (p/dj) - Jamie & Vanessa (dj) - Trough (Melb) (dj) - Phoenix - numerous nights (p/dj) - Sweatbox parties at the Hordern (dj) - RAT parties - (dj) Big Day Out (dj) - Mardi Gras/Sleaze Ball (dj) - Tropical Fruits (dj) - Numerous clubs (Jamison St, Hip Hop Club, Meltdown at Site - many more) (dj)

Simon Hunt

"Simon Hunt is a musician, DJ and activist, best known under his alter-ego Pauline Pantsdown, who ran for government against politician Pauline Hanson in the 90s while rocking the pop charts with songs made from her cut-up words.

As a DJ he spins a range of soul, funk, jazz and hiphop sounds, performing at places like Café Lounge, Chingalings, the Oxford Hotel, Red Rattler warehouse parties, Oxford Art Factory and the Lovecult 2000 parties at the Metro Theatre. As a remixer, his remix of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" last year was featured on Gilles Peterson's BBC "Worldwide" program. As a soundtrack composer, in recent years he has composed soundtracks for DV8 Physical Theatre’s “Just For Show” (UK) and William Yang’s documentary “Friends of Dorothy” (ABC TV). He lectures in Media Arts at UNSW’s Art & Design faculty."

Image Credit: Plastic Jungle Creative Design