Terry Serio’s Half Truth Terry Serio’s warm and gritty songs speak straight from the heart with poetic tales of the land, the circus of...

Terry Serio’s Half Truths with special guest Charlie Owen + Oh Reach


2042 NSW

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Terry Serio’s Half Truth
Terry Serio’s warm and gritty songs speak straight from the heart with poetic tales of the land, the circus of love, addiction and redemption. Guitar, with variants of harmonica, violin and accordion provide the musical backdrop. There is a haunting sparseness to his songs that is totally captivating. With special guest Charlie Owen, master guitar player, also featuring Ken Gormley from The Cruel Sea on bass.
Oh Reach
In 2013 Sydney based producer Tony Buchen (now living in L.A.) worked on records for three songwriters who each had a huge surplus of songs hidden away in their respective vaults. After independently expressing their frustration with having no outlet for the songs and realising there was so much gold amongst them Buchen suggested they meet, play each other their songs and see if a connection takes hold.
Months later the three returned to Buchen as a cohesive group. Their incredibly divergent voices made for one of the most unlikely trios Buchen could have possibly imagined – the sound they created felt more like tone-films with distinct characters and plots, than traditional songs.  He immediately embarked on recording an album - all live around 6 microphones for voices and guitars. No demos were necessary.
And so was born Oh Reach 
Marcus Gordon has been enjoying critical success worldwide in his guise as songwriter and lead singer for his band Spookyland since the release of their single Silly Fucking Thing on PIAS (EU) and Canvasback (US) in 2014 with both NME and Pitchfork lauding Gordon as an important new voice reminiscent of Dylan and Young’s early years. New album Beauty Already Beautiful released 2016
Terry Serio is one of Australia’s most cherished actors working since the 1980s in both theatre (Sydney Theatre Company, Bell Shakespeare) and film (Running On Empty, Dirty Deeds). Always writing music in the background Terry performs with his group the Ministry of Truth and also the trio The Half Truths.
Simon Relf became known to many in Australia and the UK as guitarist for psych pop group Deep Sea Arcade. He eventually split form the group to record and perform under his moniker The Tambourine Girls and released an EP in 2014 and their self-titled debut LP was released on November 4th 2016. 

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