Sydney Conservatorium Chinese Music Ensemble

02 Jun 2017
18:30 - 19:30
1 Conservatorium Rd, Sydney NSW 2000
Sydney Conservatorium Of Music

The Sydney Conservatorium of Music’s Chinese Music Ensemble performs three contemporary compositions by Sydney-based composers, as well as other Chinese instrumental works.

• Tony Wheeler – Pearlmoon morning dew (2017, premiere performance) for full ensemble
• Wenxin (Wendy) Guan 关文昕 – Silkaria (2016) for full ensemble
• Rory Knott – Silken Samarkand (2016) for pipa and ruan, with artwork by Finlay Begg
• Traditional – Huanle ge 欢乐歌 (Song of Happiness), arranged for full ensemble by Tony Wheeler
• Lei Zhenbang 雷振邦 – Hudie quanbian 蝴蝶泉边 (Butterflies by the spring), performed by guzheng ensemble
• Traditional – Xianqi ni de gaitou lai 掀起你的盖头来 (Lift up your veil), arranged by Wang Luobin 王洛宾, performed by pipa ensemble
• Liu Xue’an – Changcheng yao 长城遥 (Ballad of the Great Wall), arranged for full ensemble by Chai Changning 柴长宁 and Nicholas Ng
• Traditional – Kangding qing’ge  康定情歌 (Kangding Lovesong), popularised through a composition attributed to Li Yiruo 李依若 _and adapted by Jiang Dingxian 江定仙, arranged by Chai Changning 柴长宁 for full ensemble
• Traditional – Gada meilin 嘎达梅林 (Gada Meiren), arranged by Chai Changning 柴长宁 and Nicholas Ng for full ensemble

VIVID NEW MUSIC AT THE CON 2017 is a festival of genre-bending new music produced by the best of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music’s home-grown and guest composers, jazz and contemporary musicians over the three weeks of Vivid Sydney 2017. From classical to Chinese instruments, masses of electric guitars to newly invented digital instruments, Sydney’s iconic music castle will come alive with a vibrant program of performances and installations. Nestled at the edge of the new light walk in the Royal Botanic Gardens, drop in to one of Sydney’s best music venues and engage your ears with an eclectic smorgasbord of sounds.

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