Studio Parties: Burial 12”s Played All Night Long

31 May
21:00 - Late
Bennelong Point, Sydney, NSW 2000
Sydney Opera House
Bennelong Point, Sydney, NSW 2000

Lauded for making one of the most important electronic albums of the 21st Century with Untrue, the once-anonymous London producer Burial has left an indelible imprint on the pop world and underground alike. Refusing to play the fame game by never playing live and granting only a handful of interviews, Burial’s singular style of ghostly vocal cuts, shuffling UK garage beats, and Blade Runner-like atmospheres have only ever been heard in the private confines of personal record collections and the odd drop in DJ sets.

In a one-off invitation for Vivid LIVE, the music of Burial will bring those haunting echoes of UK club culture to the dancefloor in an elegiac celebration at the Sydney Opera House.


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